The vice president of Colombia spoke of a video clip of J Balvin and YouTube eliminated it as sexist and racist

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The lyrics of the songs of reggaeton and other urban genres for a long time were exceedingly sexist and denigrating towards the image of women. And although it continues to happen today, the truth is that fewer and fewer artists who have these practices, besides that little by little female singers also earn a well deserved place in the industry. This is why today those rhymes that insult a minority, quickly attract attention, become a trend in social networks and platforms they are forced to take action on the matter.

This is what happened with J Balvin, the Colombian musician who premiered the video clip of his song Bitch next to Tokischa and that he was even repudiated by the authorities of his country. Beyond the lyrics that were highly criticized by a good number of users, the video presented some shocking scenes. Among them, that of two women dressed as dogs that are carried by the singer with a correa in clear sign of domination. And the comments, they did not let it pass: they branded it as sexist, racist and toxic.

Quickly, YouTube downgraded the video and removed it from the singer’s official channel, although the music version still remains both on the video platform and on Spotify and other music applications. In this sense, the Vice President of Colombia Marta Lucia Ramirez and the presidential advisor for Women’s Equity Gheidy Gallo Santos they decided issue a statement in reference to the video clip that generated so much controversy in the country and in part of Latin America.

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“The artist uses images of women and people of African descent, population groups with special constitutional protection, whom he presents with dog ears. In addition, while walking, the singer carries two Afro-descendant women tied with chains around their necks and crawling on the floor like animals or slaves”, They explained. The officials added: “As if that were not enough, the lyrics of the song have direct and open expressions sexist, racist, macho and misogynist who violate women’s rights when comparing them with an animal that must be dominated and mistreated, with expressions that are not worth repeating. It is an attack against women and an exercise in sexist violence”.

While J Balvin has not yet made a statement in this regard, users continue to comment on social networks and most of them hold harsh criticism of the video. To avoid other situations like this, both Ramírez and Gallo Santos announced that they will call members of the Colombian music industry to sign. a pact in which they will swear to respect the rights of women and they will commit to the prevention of sexist violence.

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