This is the official classification that The Batman received

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The Batman It is one of the great productions that the cinema based on graphic novels has reserved for 2022. Every time the Dark Knight returns to the cinema it is an important event for the fandom and this is no exception. Although initially the choice of Robert pattinson As the hero was seen out of the corner of his eye, the film’s previews aroused the interest of a large part of the public who now want to sit back in their seats to see the film.

The villain of this story is a meticulous serial killer who has the upper classes of Gotham City in his sights and maintains a bond with the Wayne family. The riddle, interpreted by Paul Dano, is based on the real-life criminal known as The Zodiac. His screen presence is unsettling and may be the reason for the rating the movie received.

The classification of The Batman

Of course, the film directed by Matt Reeves is a dark account of the early years of Batman as a vigilante of Gotham and the hero does not hesitate to use extreme violence to further his goals. In the middle he meets Catwoman, with whom he shares the same goal, and faces Oswald Cobblepot: The Penguin. Will the Dark Knight be able to balance his life between Bruce Wayne and Batman while facing the threat of Riddle?

Now we find out the official classification he received The Batman from the MPA Ratings and Classification Administration and the result is a PG-13 grade for: “Strong, violent and disturbing content, drug content, strong language and suggestive material”. In this way, children under 13 years of age will not be able to see the film and parents are recommended to take special care with their children when watching the film.

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Previous speculation regarding the film’s rating pointed to an R rating for everything the director said about the film’s darkness, which would apparently surpass anything we’ve seen of the Dark Knight in the past. However, this was not the case, and the studio may be more comfortable with the PG-13 meaning better box office performance thanks to the presence of 13-year-olds and up.

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