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This Marvel character you are according to your zodiac sign

Marvel It is the universe of comics that has managed to attract millions of young people (and not so much) around the world. Whether you are a fan of superheroes or not, you have surely come across a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also known as the MCU. But if, in addition, if you are truly passionate about this world, you are also passionate about the stars, you are in the right place.

The astrology it is a super effective method of self-knowledge. Through the study of the natal chart, we can not only know what our Sun is, but also our Moon and Ascendant, among many other planets and aspects that are important when it comes to discovering what are the strengths and weaknesses that we have. But say no more. If you want to know which character of Marvel share your sun sign, do not move from there because here we will reveal it.

Wanda Maximoff is from Aries

A determined woman who fears nothing and is capable of going for what she wants regardless of the consequences. Aries is a fire sign and, in addition, cardinal, that is, it has a great capacity to lead and carry out its ideals. Of course, you have to take care of your ways and also your energy. People of this sign love to start new things, but in a short time they can quit.

Iron Man is Taurus

Tony Stark is an ambitious man who knew how to build an emporium around his name. However, deep down, he has a big heart and loves being with his friends, in this case, the Avengers. He is faithful and will never betray those he loves the most. So are the Taurus. The native people of this sign are persevering, passionate, with great elegance and good taste. They must work on their self-esteem, sometimes, and their stubbornness.

Spider-Man is Gemini

Dear Spidey, played by Tom Holland, is a great representative of the sign of Gemini. He is friendly and good with words. Sometimes he talks too much, but with his charisma he makes people love him just for the simple fact of being who he is.

Ant-Man is Cancer

He is attached to his family and friends, as is the case with Native Cancerians, who sometimes prioritize home over other things. They must learn to balance this throughout their lives and to be a little more flexible. However, despite the natural emotionality of Cancer, it is also a cardinal sign, which makes it a great leader. And Ant-Man is.

Loki is Leo

Leo is a fire sign, but fixed. That is, you can dazzle the world with your charm and beauty, however, sometimes you can err on the side of self-centeredness. Changing that way of being can be very difficult, considering that the modality is fixed, but it will be a nice challenge, that in fact Loki had to live in his own series to Disney+.

Hulk es Virgo

Bruce Banner is a prestigious scientist. Methodical and organized. From this part it is exactly what Virgo represents. Of course, when he becomes the Hulk everything seems to change, but it will only take him a long, long, yes, time to tame him. Virgo’s patience can do everything.

Captain Marvel Libra

Carol Danvers has a very special I don’t know what is striking. Libra is the sign of relationships of all kinds, not just love ones. She knows how to bond and also how to be fair. In fact, this will be her biggest goal as Captain Marvel: finding Justice.

Gamora is Scorpio

Sometimes there are characters that are almost perfectly constructed based on the characteristics of a sun sign. As in the case of Maeve from Sex Education, Gamora is a true representative of Scorpio. She is mysterious, direct and has a very rich emotional inner world. However, there are issues from your past that you must resolve and, sometimes, Scorpios have to face them throughout their lives.

Thor is Sagittarius

The God of Thunder could be Sagittarius. He is adventurous, friendly and the link with other cultures is a recurring theme in his history. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter and in the lives of people of this sign, these aspects generally occur very naturally. Traveling and meeting people from other countries is very common.

Captain America is Capricorn

Captain America is a worthy representative of Capricorn. He is a leader, responsible, strict, faithful, but above all with a good heart. Capricorn people are super wise thanks to the planet that rules them, Saturn. Although it is a planet that can bring some difficulties for people who have it very present in their letter, it also gives them the possibility of learning a lot. They are great teachers.

Black Widow is Aquarius

Natasha Romanoff is a secret agent who keeps a life that few know. Still she prefers to live surrounded by her friends. It is not so attached to emotions, but it is in the common good. These are some of the maxims of the sign of Aquarius.

Star-Lord is Pisces

Is there a Marvel character more music-loving than Star-Lord? Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a planet that lives to the sound of any kind of music. He is emotional, infatuated and yes, he is one of those who fall in love at first sight.

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