Thursday: Tesla laser, Twitter deletion, cell broadcast & Windows attacks

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Windshield wipers annoy some drivers while driving and Tesla has patented a solution: a laser is supposed to remove water and dirt from the windshield. After Elon Musk recently called his company a robot company and autonomous cars can be classified as robots, he wants to equip his robots with lasers – the most important messages in a brief overview.

A laser could burn away water and dirt from glass surfaces. With the method one can get involved Laser-based windshield wiper for vehicles. It has a corresponding patent US Patent Office granted to Tesla. According to the company’s ideas, the process can also be used for photovoltaic systems and roofs. After the patent for laser window cleaning, robotic cars with lasers couldn’t be far away.

A patent is not necessary for the current one Tests bei Twitter. The short message service is testing a friendlier way to remove individual followers. So far, you could only block followers. Twitter is testing one of several planned functions that are intended to encourage people with less data protection knowledge to be more active. The new function of Twitter is to remove unpleasant followers instead of blocking them completely.

While Twitter is good at spreading the latest news, warnings of impending or spreading major emergencies and disasters should be on central warning system of the federal government triggered and sent over the cellular networks to cell phones in a certain area. Technically, this is done by means of so-called Cell Broadcasts, i.e. transmissions to all cell phones that are ready to receive in individual cellular cells. German network operators now have to install this, because the Bundestag unanimously decides on a new mobile radio warning system with cell broadcast.

There are no warnings of computer attacks via cell broadcast, but here: Attackers are currently targeting prepared Microsoft Office documents in circulation after opening Infect Windows computers with malicious code. According to a warning from Microsoft, it was classified as “high” security breach concerns the HTML rendering engine MSHTML of Windows. Protective measures should take effect by default, but care should be taken with prepared Office documents, as they are misused to attack Windows.

He has other protective measures Federal data protection officer in mind, because he instructs four major statutory health insurance companies to adopt the new one electronic patient record (ePA) with additional data protection functions to protect. Without these extensions, it would violate the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The health insurances are against it, but data protection orders the health insurances to retrofit the digital medical files.

Today the announces Bundesgerichtshof his decision regarding the Linking copyrighted works using framing. Regarding the framing dispute in March, the ECJ said that royalty-free embedding of third-party content on a website is only permitted if the rights holder has not incorporated any technical protection measures through DRM (Digital Restriction Management).

Also important:

  • Iris scans, family relationships, personal preferences: a US-initiated data collection against fraud now threatens human lives. How the Afghan biometrics database got into the hands of the Taliban.
  • The success of mobile free-to-play games is unbroken and brings the industry billions in sales. The games are often played by minors. With magic berries in ruin: cost trap “Free to Play”.
  • Europe’s share of global semiconductor production has fallen from 44 percent to 9 percent in 30 years, says Intel boss Pat Gelsinger in an interview with the FAZ and promises 80 billion euros in investment in Europe.
  • The BGH today also announced its ruling on whether influencers must mark their Instagram posts as advertising. The Association of Social Competition has sued in three cases.


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