Tina Fey Denies Rumors of Taking Over ‘Saturday Night Live’

By: Thomas Blade

Published on:

Tina Fey Denies Rumors of Taking Over 'Saturday Night Live'

In a recent report, it was suggested that Tina Fey is being considered to take over as executive producer of ‘Saturday Night Live’ when current producer Lorne Michaels eventually departs. However, an NBC spokesperson has denied these claims, stating that there is no truth to the report. This comes after Michaels himself stated in a New York Times interview that he has no plans to retire.

The speculation about Fey’s potential role at ‘SNL’ has been fueled by her successful career and close collaboration with fellow writer and producer Robert Carlock. Despite the denial from NBC, some industry insiders believe that Fey would be a top candidate for the position if she were interested. Fey’s previous work on ‘SNL’ as head writer and ‘Weekend Update’ co-anchor, as well as her subsequent success with the sitcom ’30 Rock’, has solidified her status as one of NBC’s greatest talents.


Fey is currently on a live comedy tour with Amy Poehler, which is set to conclude in January 2024. While the rumors about Fey’s potential role at ‘SNL’ continue to circulate, it remains to be seen who will ultimately take over the iconic show when Michaels eventually steps down.

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