Tom Holland and Zendaya’s kiss surprised the world: this is how the fans reacted

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Since the adventures of Tom Holland Like Peter Parker, both he and his co-star, Zendaya, were caught up in romance rumors. It was in the year 2017 when the actors met for the first time on the Spiderman recording set to give rise to the new version of the super arachnid and, their chemistry was undeniable to the point that it crossed the screen.

That is why, more than once, fans of Tom Holland and Zendaya imagined and even speculated a possible relationship between the two. However, on each occasion, the Marvel stars were in charge of denying it and even he himself assured that she is nothing more than a friend and, despite the fact that he considers her “the perfect personI had no other intention.

The photo of the kiss between Tom and Zendaya. Photo: (Page Six)

However, it seems that the British’s words were forgotten. Well, a few hours ago, Page Six published what many fans were waiting for: an unbeatable kiss between them. This Friday they were caught leaving the house of Zendaya’s mother and then, while traveling in Holland’s car, the portal discovered them in the midst of passion.

So much so that, after many years of waiting, fans could not help but comment on what a relationship between Tom Holland and his co-star. In fact, this quasi-confirmed courtship, since neither of them spoke about it, shocked the whole world and, across each country, Twitter made Holland and Zendaya trending.

The best reactions to Zendaya and Tom Holland’s kiss


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