Top 5 Best Online Payment Systems

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These days, there is no need to send cash into an envelope or visit a bank. Payments can be made in a few clicks online. Moreover, they have a large number of benefits. The primary one is that online payment systems transfer money instantly. There are a lot of online payment systems that foresee the ability to transfer money hassle-free. Don’t you know how to choose the best one? Read the post and learn more about the most popular ones.


It is the most popular online payment system that foresees the ability to make payments all around the globe. Users need to install an application on their smartphones or launch a web version on desktops. To start using PayPal, users also need to have a valid credit card. They have to enter their CC credentials to connect the credit cards.

PayPal is widely used to send money worldwide and make payments online. The service is convenient to use because it has an intuitive interface. Also, it is very secure, so the billing information of their clients is safe. Nevertheless, PayPal has one drawback. It’s not free to use. The system takes $0.30 per transaction made by users. Also, they need to pay a 2.9% commission. Anyway, the popularity of the system is growing fast despite large transaction fees.


Stripe is one of the most popular online payment systems. It is widely known in the eCommerce world. It is a convenient tool that helps online stores accept payments with no hassle. Using the software provided by the company, developers can build unique payment solutions that match all their needs. It’s an undeniable fact that online commerce wouldn’t be so successful without Stripe.

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The system can be integrated seamlessly into almost any e-store. Moreover, it’s a very secure solution that keeps the billing information of clients protected from scammers. On the contrary, it helps e-stores by preventing fraudulent payments. There are no setup fees or monthly commissions. The pay-as-you-go system utilized by the company charges $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction.

It is one of the oldest online payment systems from Visa. Even though the service was launched many years ago, it remains successful and helps millions of e-shops receive online payments. In addition, the service is simple and fast, so users don’t experience any issues using it. offers many different solutions that foresee the ability to accept credit cards, get mobile payments, and turn mobile devices into portable points of sale. Since it’s almost impossible to find types of credit cards that are not accepted by the system, it’s always considered by entrepreneurs who launch international projects. The service charges $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction like other platforms. However, the company also forces users to pay an additional $25 per month.

Amazon Pay

Amazon is the largest online marketplace that helped its owner to become the richest man in the world. Using the marketplace, users can buy almost anything from apparel to films from the legendary movies list. The company has plenty of resources not to use third-party solutions provided by other companies. Consequently, they created a payment system that is called Amazon Pay.

It’s not used by different companies. Amazon Pay was tailored to match the needs of the marketplace. Therefore, only Amazon users can utilize this online payment system. It helps small businesses and large enterprises accept payments from shoppers who use Amazon to opt for goods. Also, it helps non-profit organizations accept donations online seamlessly.

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The system has one unique peculiarity that helps it stand out from the crowd. Users who have the Alexa voice assistant can buy some products and pay for them online using their voice only. In such a case, the company charges 4% plus $0.30. However, when users order goods using a desktop, the commission is only 2% plus $0.30 per transaction.


All payment systems from the list are secured, so users can easily share their CC credentials and not be afraid that scammers can access them. However, this one is probably the safest. It encrypts all the data that users enter. Therefore, even if all the payment details leak from their database, no scammers will be able to use them. Thanks to the forward-looking solution developed by the company, users don’t need to leave websites to complete payments. It helps increase security. Unlike most other systems, it charges $42.46 per month if users don’t exceed the 10,000 transactions per year limitation.

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