Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

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Anime is highly popular. However, the hundreds of options can be overwhelming to new fans. We’ve discussed the leading educational anime in this article.

Most people might think that students or pupils can’t learn anything from anime. But that’s not true. Many essays and research papers dispute that. There is a lot to learn from them including the human body, historical figures, Moyashimon, etc. You’re lucky because there is a long list of genres available.

Here are the top 7 anime which will enhance your knowledge in certain areas

1. Cells At Work

Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

This is one of the most straightforward anime. Being self-explanatory it shows how your cells start working, protect you and operate.

You will see this from the very beginning when white blood cells are visible while fighting viruses and germs. You will also see red blood cells escaping from danger. Created especially for learners, the students anime is very entertaining while giving some valuable insights into science. It also describes the life of students and is one of the funniest educational pieces to pass time. It is impossible to deny the importance of integrating education into entertainment time. Learning while watching anime for fun is a win-win situation.

2. Bakuman

Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

Bakuman’s Moritaka Mashiro is not one of the unique personalities in the show. However, if you observe his notebook that contains fantastic drawings, your view of him will change. One day he forgets the notebook in class, and when he goes back for it and finds Akito Takagi, the most brilliant pupil is waiting for him. Akito proposes to be a Mangaka with Mashiro, which is surprising.

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Although becoming a famous mangaka is hard, several individuals have managed, so Mashiro agrees. Will they drive to succeed? Fans can view the anime to understand. It’s also a great option if you’re a fan of drawing or would like to design your manga. You will find out the variety of tools mangakas use and their hardships in the industry. The series is similar to the Dragon ball z manga series.

Bakuman is highly enjoyable and informative. It’s worth watching.

3. Silver Spoon

Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

The film involves Yuugo Hachiken, a city boy overwhelmed by expectations he cannot meet. His teacher talks him into attending Ooezo Agricultural School to try out new stuff. He agrees to give it a chance. The show is similar to Moyashimon: Tales of Agriculture which features Tadayasu Sawaki.

At first, he thought that all would be easy and the only thing he needed to do was work hard in his studies. However, he later realizes that this will not be the case. Living here is tough. But it offers him a great lesson in appreciating his surroundings.

Viewers can grasp several concepts about farming and land. It is a fantastic way to understand where the food you take originated. You will also discover items like livestock and food recipes to make delicious meals. It is pretty motivational and entertaining.

4. Dr Stone

Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

One day, suddenly, a blinding flashlight hits humans. Among the people affected were high school students, Senku, who loves science, and his friend, Taiju. After over 3,000 years, the two friends finally wake up. Petrified human beings and nature surround them. Although everyone would be hopeless in such a situation, Senku has one mission, to use science to begin civilization again and revive humanity.

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He claims that although he’s not a scientist and doesn’t understand most scientific things and would sometimes get bored in science classes, he doesn’t understand how Dr Stone works and how he got him interested in science.

The film utilizes fundamental scientific topics and teaches viewers about minerals, chemical compounds, metals, etc. It is intriguing and a great way to learn many farm life lessons including cancel reply meetings.

5. ClassicaLoid

Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

The drama is both entertaining and educational. Most people refer to it as an unfunny disaster with many lessons.

The anime series features intriguing caricatures of famous classical composers like Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, and Mozart, that live together in a building in rural Japan. It is one of the goofiest and most entertaining anime shows.

6. Wandering Son

Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

BL and Yuri manga and anime have a huge fan following. You will enjoy several exciting gems in this genre. However, queer people are always on the frontline to remind fans that lack of the genre tropes is an issue. Because of this, Wandering Son is a fabulous addition to the upcoming anime plus LGBTQ space.

It narrates the story of two young trans kids in Japan. These kids live their daily lives while trying to cope with gender dysphoria. Trans topics are well handled in Japanese history. Although the show isn’t perfect, the series can teach viewers to look beyond beliefs and cliches most hold and think they’re the reality in the modern world.

7. Assassination Classroom

Top 7 Educational Anime You Should Watch

What if your kid isn’t interested in learning geometry and wants to do other fun activities like fireteam life support skills and knife throwing to assassinate a teacher? Assassination Classroom is a perfect film for such individuals. It is well scripted and has achieved absurdity and excitement in every scene.

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All characters in Class 3-E get room for development. However, the series’ main character is the teacher, a smiley-faced alien octopoid. He challenges his learners and tries to get the best from them, hoping they’ll be skilled enough to give him a death note and assassinate him one day. The show is funny, intense and imaginative.


Fans are lucky to have a massive range of genres to choose. Whether you want to laugh, relax, or enjoy something educational, you will not go wrong with the above titles. They are produced with all levels of audiences in mind and are marketed as such. At the same time, their educational content is the central topic. Bringing education into the show is a great idea because it helps to achieve many positive results. However, when the children are watching anime for educational purposes,  this screen time should be carefully observed and limited by the parents.

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