Tour de France cyclists stop the race in protest against the conditions of the competition, after a massive crash caused by a spectator

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The cyclists participating in the 2021 Tour de France stopped for a minute to express their dissatisfaction with the conditions of the competition after the chain fall produced in the first stage, pick up this Tuesday Reuters.

As the fourth stage of the championship began, the peloton pedaled at a moderate pace. After about a kilometer, all the cyclists stopped, waited for a minute and then returned to the road. In addition, they circulated the next 10 kilometers in a deliberately slow manner.

The start of the well-known competition was marred by a serious security incident. Last Saturday a distracted fan posing with a sign on the side of the road triggered a massive fall of cyclists that some journalist has already called “the worst crash” of the most important race in the world, given that 21 runners were injured. This Monday the organizers of the Tour de France announced that they will sue this spectator.

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