US eases rules on TikTok and WeChat

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One of the applications that has grown the most in the last year has been TikTok. The pandemic caused many people to download the short videos application, share them or make themselves known on the platform. Right now she is one of the most famous on the net, but this did not appeal to many, including Donald Trump. For months we have seen the progress of the measures taken by the former American president and now his successor has raised a hand to those rules imposed on TikTok and WeChat.

Biden changes Trump’s veto on TikTok

As we mentioned, last year we saw how Donald Trump got very serious with the applications created in China. The former president was clear that something had to be done to stop the powerful advance of the Asian giant in all segments and many companies were affected, including WeChat. So much so that it even made US companies have to buy these Chinese apps to have control over them.

But Trump no longer sits in the White House and his position now occupies it. Joe Biden, who will relax the rules imposed on TikTok and WeChat. According to what he says The Verge, the American president will order the Secretary of Commerce to investigate those applications that have links with rival countries that develop applications and that may represent a risk to privacy or national security.

This coincides with some statements collected by the media from a senior official who affirms that β€œThe challenge we are addressing with this EO is that certain countries, including China, do not share these commitments or values ​​and are instead working to leverage American data and digital technologies in ways that pose unacceptable risks to national security.”.

The United States keeps a close eye on apps

It is clear that although Biden is more permissive with these applications does not mean that they are going to let them operate just like that. It is not a veto, but a measure to monitor how they work and what they do with the data they collect. And this is now more important than ever after learning that TIkTok will collect biometric data from its users especially in North America. We will have to wait to see how the Biden administration takes this measure and how it reacts to it, if it will follow through with this decision or if, on the contrary, they are more restrictive with the data that the apps receive.


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