Valve ensures that the Steam Deck is compatible with the entire current Steam catalog

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Steam Deck, the new portable device of Valve specially designed to run video games from your PC digital store, it is totally compatible with the entire catalog current Steam. This has been assured Pierre-Loup Griffais, Valve developer, after doing thousands of tests over the last few years to verify compatibility between hardware and software.

Steam Deck runs all Steam games

Thus, and through a recent interview that collects the medium PC Gamer, Pierre-Loup Griffais, from Valve ensures that the Steam Deck is fully compatible with all current catalog Steam and that the litmus test was conducted with games released during the last year: “We have been testing several games from our catalog in recent years, although the acid test was with the games that came out last year,” says the developer.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t always like that: “In the first prototypes that we had and that we were testing, these games did not work very well, so this is when we discovered the level of performance that is required to run the next generation games without problems.” Thanks to these tests with the last batch of games released on Steam, Valve was able to make the necessary adjustments for the device to run even the newest titles smoothly.

“We want all the games in the Steam library to be playable and right now we have not found any games that the current version of Steam Deck cannot run, ”concludes Pierre-Loup Griffais. Still, let’s remember that Steam Deck is having trouble moving some online multiplayer games like Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends or Destiny 2; We’ll see if the final release of the Valve device can fix these compatibility issues.

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