Vicente Feliú, one of the creators of the new Cuban trova, defended the Revolution: “They have no idea what a dictatorship is”

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Vicente Feliu it is synonymous with Cuban music. Along with Silvio Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés and Noel Nicola, among others, he has been one of the creators of the “Nueva Find”Which accompanied the Revolution since the 1970s and which soon spread to all corners of Latin America.

With an artistic career that led him to perform throughout the region, the creator of “Trust me” talked with on the situation in Cuba after the protests that shook the island and affirmed that from this crisis the country “will come out stronger.”

Feliú lives in Havana. From there, he accepted the interview via email after the internet and cell phone data cut that the island experienced after the demonstrations.

– What do you think of the protests that took place in Cuba?

– I think that all this time of confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, together with the deficiencies produced by our battered economy and the two hundred and so many measures of Trump reinforcing the blockade of more than 60 years – and that Biden has maintained- They have made a dent in the endurance of this town, as heroic as human. Add to it a deficient political work of years and a confidence that these things would not happen in Cuba. The only thing missing was for the thinking tanks across the street to notice [Estados Unidos] to encourage and mount an excellent and enormous communicational operation that seek neither more nor less than to end us, for all that has been achieved in these years, summoning the world (which has systematically voted against the blockade) to accompany them in their “humanitarian intervention”. All this together caused this crisis, of which We will go out, without a doubt. And strengthened.

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– In your opinion, what motivates the protesters to take to the streets?

– Some stubbornness [un término utilizado en Cuba para graficar cansancio] and a huge crank [impulso] from the north.

– Strong images of repression were viralized on the networks. Did you see these images? How revolutionary, what do you generate?

I have seen images that I would not have liked to see, but not exactly from the police which by definition is a repressive body. I have seen strong images of those who have attacked peaceful people, businesses, police patrol cars, defenseless people and even a hospital for sick children. Images strong repression I have seen daily, in countries whose governments accuse us of dictatorship, and I mean the United States and Colombia.

– After these protests, what is the path that the Revolution should take?

– Finish undertake the reforms approved so long ago to achieve the prosperity that we are capable of, deepen and solve the educational and social problems that we have so that there is no return to functional illiteracy, and maintain a permanent dialogue with all sectors of the population, supported especially by sociologists and psychologists.

– Is it possible to start a dialogue between all Cubans beyond the differences to get out of this situation?

– Between all I do not know. Among those who want a prosperous, supportive, humanistic and peaceful Cuba, yes.

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– What do you respond to those who say that Cuba lives under a dictatorship?

– They have no idea what a dictatorship is.

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