VIDEO: This is how Tom Holland prepares for “Spiderman: no way home”

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The third and last film of Tom Holland at Marvel it’s closer than ever. Spiderman: no way home It will hit theaters on December 17 and is already breaking records. It has not been released yet, but it did not take long to transform into one of the most anticipated feature films of phase four of the MCU. This is due to a simple theory: the possibility of a spiderverse.

Months ago Tom Holland is involved in rumors of a joint work with his predecessors, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The actors played Spider-Man in earlier phases of Marvel and now they could make an epic comeback. According to what the trailer reveals, Dr. Strange will open a multiverse in which former villains will fight the current Peter Parker.

That is why the reappearance of Maguire and Garfield is almost assured for fans, even though they have denied it countless times. In any case, the secrecy on the part of Marvel and Sony Pictures regarding these rumors has generated even more doubts. But, until the big premiere there will be no answer, because for those who know the MCU’s tactic, they will know that the basic rule is to leave viewers with doubts until the last minute.

Tom Holland en Spiderman: Far From Home. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

However, it should be noted that there are more and more leaks. And now, a new video of Tom Holland getting ready for the movie. In it, you can see the British actress training boxing, a sport that, according to his followers, will help him simulate the fights of Spiderman: no way home. Published by ESPN Ringside on Twitter, this audiovisual already travels the world.

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More than once Holland himself confessed that he has always had to take care in terms of extreme sports due to a clause in his contract with Marvel. But, this new video indicates that boxing, as well as golf, is one of those allowed when you must prepare for the action of Spider-Man. It shows the son of the legendary Dominic Holland with his coach and showing skillful movements and reflexes that will undoubtedly help him to be Peter Parker once again.

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