Was La Cocinera de Castamar censored ?: How was the ending that did not happen

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Spanish and vintage series are already the new identity hallmark of Netflix and, The Cook of Castamar is one of them. Released on July 9, this strip is set in Madrid in 1720 and focuses on the life of Clara Belmonte, a cook who begins to work in Castamar, thus fleeing a painful past without imagining that the duke of that residence was leaving. to become his great love.

With only one season and ten episodes, The Cook of Castamar It became one of the most viewed fictions on the streaming service thanks to its emotional history, thus also demonstrating the addiction generated by Spanish series among users. However, despite the fact that many were delighted with this strip based on the novel by Fernando J. Múñez, the end of it disappointed more than one.

This is because what is captured on the small screen is very different from what the true writer of The Cook of Castamar dictated in his writings. So much so that the fiction script coordinator, Tatiana Rodríguez Vázquez explained that “From the beginning the chain wanted Clara and Diego to be a couple, but there were problems to relate them organically”.

Later, Rodríguez Vázquez also assured: “At one point we thought that they would not follow their story, but that they could not realize a life in common seemed to us a very sad ending”. And, after this explanation, he stated that they ended up changing the ending: “our big challenge was to make it a little different because everyone expected them to end up together. And the great dilemma was also who gave up his life, since the relationship was forbidden“, He said.

Castamar’s Cook had a very different ending. Photo: (Netflix)

And, at that same moment he also sentenced: “We didn’t want Clara to quit. It seemed to us that it was betraying the character. The cook is a woman who prefers her training to getting married“And, to close, he snapped:”but in the book they get married and she gives up cooking, which was one of the things we resisted against”. Although, to know if the story of Diego and Clara continues, the series should produce a second part even though the book does not have a sequel.

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