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WhatsApp: why has the blue check disappeared in the audios?

Since its appearance, the WhatsApp app uses three icons to indicate the status of sending and receiving a message. A tick means that the message was delivered to the server; two popcorn that the message has reached the recipient’s device; two blue popcorn that the message has been read. Popularly known as double check, this method also applies to audio notes.

Why does not the confirmation blue appear in the WhatsApp audios

Additionally, the app offers you an extra function in case you don’t want a contact of yours to know that you have read their messages. You can deactivate the notice of reading reception, and your contact does not know that you have not read it, only that you have received it. The funny thing about this function is that it works in two ways, so you can’t see if your contact has read your messages either.

Curiously, this does not apply to voice memos, and in audios the blue tick does appear if you have heard the note regardless of whether you have read reception disabled or not. But rather we must say appeared, because suddenly the blue tick does not appear in the audio notes of WhatsApp.

Read confirmation notice disabled

As reported by websites such as TuexpertoApps, with the latest update of the platform, the double blue check is no longer displayed in the audios if you have disabled the reading receipt notice. If your contact has activated the double blue check, you will know when he has heard the audio note because the blue check will indicate it to you. If you have them disabled, nothing will appear. This change is available with WhatsApp version 2.21.4.

Another addition that should be noted is that the microphone icon will turn blue if all members of a group have heard the audio note, regardless of whether or not they have the reading receipt.

How to disable the read receipt on WhatsApp

To delete the read confirmation in WhatsApp on your Android device, you must open the application and click on the three dots that appear in the upper right. Within the settings, you must go to ‘Privacy’ and look for the section in which it says ‘Reading receipts’. Once there, slide the circle to the left to deactivate it.


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