Who is Dan Sur, the rapper who implanted gold chains on his head

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Who is Dan Sur, the rapper who implanted gold chains on his head

A Mexican artist, who calls himself Dan Sur, generated controversy on social networks by publishing a series of images and videos showing a shining hair composed of multiple gold chains. In addition, he ensures that he is the first person to wear such implants as hair.

While it is true that extravagance is usually the strong weapon of many urban artists who stand out on the international scene as Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Rosalía o Raw Alejandro this case would have been taken to the extreme.

Such is the case of the rapper Dan Sur, who has surprised with his peculiar style and before becoming known for his music has left a mark for his extravagant life and his eccentrics hair implants.

It was Dan Sur who made known the procedure to which he underwent through his social networks and his name became a trend generating a significant controversy among Internet users for his extravagant way of dressing and tastes. But, without a doubt, what most caught the attention of this Mexican rapper were the implants of gold chains that he looks like hair.

“Soy number one trend in the world without releasing album, the fucking new wave, “he wrote in one of his posts. It is that apparently wearing chains on his head, seems to have led to success Dan Sur, as he himself points out in his account of Instagram with numerous publications in which he always flaunts luxury.

Next, the rapper wrote: “There are a lot of copycats, they’ve already stolen a song from me, they want to copy the flow from me, I’m really not going to be surprised if your favorite rapper comes out with my hair style tomorrow. I am the new wave, I am the new religion ”.

But, added to it, Dan Sur has taken the time to reply to several of his followers on TikTok, where he explained that to sleep all he does is unhook each of the chains and clear up doubts about the authenticity of the pieces that pretend to be hair.

It is that apparently this Mexican artist has adoration for gold, and it is that the rapper She not only wears chains of this material as if they were her hair, but she also wears grills, dental jewelry that are usually made of silver, gold or other precious metals.

Is that the hobby of Dan Sur for the gold has left dozens of users speechless and the rapper commented that he has around 34 carats in his mouth and washes them like anyone else in the world

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