Who is Ethan Ralph? The Hated Man on the Internet

The internet is a bittersweet place. It is the best medium to use if you want to gain knowledge or utilize it for leisure. But several times, the internet can be a mean place too. The users on this platform pollute the cyberspace, which means one should use the internet at their own risk. 

While some garner fame on the internet out of their talent, knowledge, and various skills, others become popular because of their cheap thrills. One such man who had created havoc on the internet and became famous for all the wrong reasons is Ethan Oliver Ralph. Today, he is amongst the internet’s most hated men.

Here’s everything about Ethan Ralph and why people hate him so much.

Who is Ethan Ralph?

Ethan Oliver Ralph, or Ethan Ralph, is an alt-right American podcaster, self-proclaimed ‘gonzo journalist’ and convicted sex offender. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America, Ethan began his troll career during the Gamergate harassment campaign. He is known for doxing and harassing game developer Brianna Wu via his website, The Ralph Retort.

Primarily, he hosts a podcast, the Killstream, aka #Killstream, where he spends most of his time shitfacing on Maker’s Mark and hollering at his haters.

No wonder this man is hated so much on the internet and in real life.

Ethan Ralph’s Podcasting Career

Among his Killstream’s guests, some famous names have been of the Red Ice Creations co-founder, Henrik Palmgren, and Lana Lokteff. Many reports and listeners have claimed that his podcasts thrive on extremist propaganda.

Ralph’s political views are alt-right. He is often described as a white supremacist-sympathetic livestreamer. He has featured many prominent white nationalists on his podcasts. Ralph identifies as a right-wing conservative. In 2016, he shared his public views on his platform and stated, “If you want to call me alt-right, that’s probably fair.”

His podcast was originally hosted on YouTube and later distributed on the alt-tech platform DLive after it was banned from the former streaming platform. In January 2021, even DLive suspended his account after a month after which Ralph shifted his podcasting antics to Trovo Live. You can also come across his show on Apple Podcasts.

The Many Controversies of Ethan Ralph

Ethan Ralph is among the most despised man on the internet because of the controversies surrounding his podcasts and himself. He is known for his preternatural ability to trap himself in one controversy or the other, owing to his drug abuse and narcissistic nature. The man is known for spewing hatred and bullshit throughout cyberspace.

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Besides, doxing and harassing a game developer, he has been a part of many other controversies. Read below to know:

Revenge Porn Conviction

On the 11th of August, 2020, Ethan shared a video with his fan viewers, which showed him getting intimate with his then-girlfriend without her knowledge. The controversy led to his arrest in mid-December 2020. Initially, the case was tabled by the prosecution, it was later reinstated upon the request of his ex-girlfriend’s father.

On the 5th of January, 2022, the podcaster pleaded nolo contendere and received a suspended sentence of 12 months. It was discovered that the woman to whom he distributed the video was also his baby mama, who had two restraining orders against him – one for herself and one for their son.

On the 24th of July, 2022, he called his ex-girlfriend again via Skype which turned out to be a violation of her order restraining him from contacting her. He defended his stance and stated that his finger slipped while he was finding evidence to use against ‘this lying woman’ whom he totally doesn’t wish to contact.

#Healstream or Hospital Donations

Ethan Ralph created a lot of controversies during his time on YouTube. In 2018, he accepted multiple donations via YouTube’s Super Chats feature to be donated to St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Some of them had attached messages written by his fans that Ralph read aloud verbatim to urge more fans to donate despite some of the messages, denying the Holocaust or celebrating the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting a few days after it took place.

However, the hospital refused donations from all his fans and refunded donations from YouTube, which came through his channel. Following this, his account was terminated on the 3rd of November, 2018.

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Bitcoin Donations

In another controversy, Bitcoin donations payments of a total of 28.15 (worth US$522,000) were made to 22 virtual wallets, most of which belonged to far-right activists and white nationalist personalities. Interestingly, some of these donations were made to Ralph, too, wherein he received 0.5 BTC worth US$9,595.

Portugal Trips

The podcaster created another controversy in one of his Portugal trips. The tiff happened between him and his former co-host Andy Warski. The duo took a vacation to Lisbon in early 2022. Initially, the trip was uneventful, with Ralph visiting the well-known Portuguese restaurant and getting into slap-fights with random people on social media.

Things turned ugly when he tried to solicit allegedly underage sex workers. He was beaten to an inch of his life by their pimp. Ralph ruined the vacation and also got his purse stolen.

After a year, Ralph decided to take another trip to the same place and do everything right this time. However, he was brutally beaten up yet again and caught on the video, this time becoming a laughing stock among the audience who shot him.

Another Arrest

In another controversy, a live video from Washington DC was released where a protest against abortion was being carried out in full swing. Ethan Ralph was arrested from the place of this protest. All the fans supporting him were outraged, and on the other side, the people who hated him were happy with his arrest.

A video clip is going viral where the police approach a man and then say he is been detained because he matches the description of the male policeman who came to take him into custody. It is still unclear why Ethan was detained by the police.

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What is Ethan Ralph’s Net Worth?

The controversial celebrity knows how to make it big on the internet. According to a few sources, Ethan Ralph enjoys a whopping net worth of $1,584,782.

Find him on Twitter @TheRalphRetort.

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