Who is Jake Harrison? Everything we know about Rick Harrison’s Youngest Son

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Another Harrison has decided to go into the pawn industry. This season, Jake Harrison, Rick Harrison’s youngest son, worked as a summer intern at Pawn Stars. On Instagram, Harrison revealed his new “hire” at the legendary Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

In a recent episode, family friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell and elder brother Corey taught him the ropes. However, Corey cautioned him to remain in school and dodge the “trap” of being forced to work at the business.

Chumlee commented that Jake’s blonde hair was more suitable for the beach than a pawn store. He remarked, “Jake, with that hair, you should go to a beach and be a lifeguard, man.” As Jake was spotted being involved in video games with Chumlee in the back office halfway through the show, we can assume that he rapidly absorbed himself into the store’s working atmosphere.

But it was not all fun and excitement. Rick Harrison ensures that Jake is well-versed in the pawn trade. At the very least, he was able to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods, a phony Rolex, to be precise. Rick used a false Rolex that Chumlee bought “for a lot of money” last year to demonstrate how to detect a knock-off wristwatch.

While Jake attends the shop, one Harrison is there who is not engaged in the same way. According to Celebrity Mirror, Rick Harrison’s middle son, Adam Harrison, operates a plumbing company in Las Vegas. He, like Jake, had his first employment at the business when he was a teen. On the other hand, Adam Harrison now maintains a low online profile and flees the Pawn Stars lenses.

It is difficult to discover Jake’s exact birth date since he has not shared such details. However, Jake was born in 2003, according to his father’s book, “License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver.” According to this, he seems to be either 17 or 18 years old.

Jake has not been in the limelight extensively, which is natural considering his age, but the public does know a few things about Rick’s second wife, Tracey’s child. Here are a few details about the youngster, gathered from public appearances and details from the show.

About Jake Harrison

Jake Harrison is not exactly a pawn shop expert, but he showed some potential in the latest issue of the program. When Rick shows Jake how to utilize a loupe, a heavy-duty magnifying lens, the youngster can distinguish between a counterfeit and a genuine Rolex. In the clip, Rick just questions Jake about what is strange about the green section of the phony Rolex. Jake discovered the green paint rather fast, which most people would certainly overlook. In fact, Austin “Chumlee” Russell acquired the item for the cost of a genuine Rolex without realizing it.

As per Looper, their similarities do not end there: both the father and son backed Donald Trump, the former president of the United States. He also seems to like gameplay, as seen by his appearance at the conclusion of the episode playing with the other members of the Pawn Stars team.

Only time can tell if Jake will remain a permanent part of the Pawn Stars team in the future or whether he will take Corey’s advice and complete school, so he does not end up “trapped” in the store for the rest of his career.

Weird Facts About Jake Harrison

His Mother Worked At A Pawn Shop

The internationally renowned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop is the epitome of what it means to run a family business. Jake’s father not only runs the company, but his mother, Tracy, used to work there too. She decided to quit her work when Jake was born in order to devote her whole attention to rearing him. In 2011, Tracy and Rick separated.

His only exposure to television is Pawn Stars

Jake was neutral during the shooting of the episodes, although he is still new to the industry. As far as we can determine, Jake has never been on any other TV show except Pawn Stars. As he does not like to be in the limelight, it is doubtful that he would accept any additional TV roles later as well.

He was shot with Donald Trump

Rick Harrison is a supporter of the Republican Party and an extreme conservative as well. During both of Donald Trump’s presidential campaigns, he was a vocal proponent. Regarding political opinions, Jake seems to be walking in his father’s footsteps. At the “Las Vegas Convention Center” in 2018, Jake and Rick were pictured with then-President Donald Trump.

He Does not Seem To Be Using Social Media

The majority of youngsters spend much more time on social networks than necessary. On the other hand, Jake is not like other teens in this sense. Jake’s sole social media page that people could uncover is an outdated Instagram profile that has not been updated since 2014.

It Is Unclear If He Intends To Join The Family Tradition

Jake was only an intern at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop for the time being. He may not have given much consideration to what he intends to do for employment in the future since he is still in high school. He did not say if he envisions himself working at the pawnshop in the future. He may visit the business throughout his school breaks in addition to working there during the summertime. Even if he determines he does not want to be a part of it, Rick’s other two children may be interested in continuing the tradition.

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