Who is Steven Johnson and Why is he in News?

Former Patriots tight end Steven Johnson has become the subject of many headlines once again. He was a solid player for Virginia Tech and played well from 1984 to 1987. Steven was unstoppable to feature in 44 games and totaled 1,058 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. His hard work soon made him get selected by New England as the sixth-round pick in the NFL Draft that took place in 1988.

However, it is not his game that has brought him under such headlines this time. The matter is about his personal life and some dating rumors. According to many rumors, Steven Johnson is the love interest of Sonya Curry.

Let us know everything in detail.

Who is Steven Johnson?

Steven Johnson is a former player in the National Football League. Born on the 22nd of June, 1965, he played tight end for the New England Patriots. Steven’s parents had always been encouraging towards his passion for football, hence letting him pursue it.

Steven played college football for Virginia Tech between 1984 and 1987 and was soon taken in the sixth round by the New England Patriots the next year. Sadly, he fell prey to a knee injury that would not let him play NFL any further. He played only two years in the NFL and only three games in his debut session in New England.

After the incident, he switched his career field and became the president and owner of Johnson Commercial Development. It is touted as one of the largest commercial developers in the southeast of Bristol Virginia. Steven attained huge success in his career. One of the projects of his company, The Pinnacle in Bristol, Tennessee, became one of the largest commercial projects in the country.

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The Love Angle between Steven Johnson and Sonya Curry

When rumors spread, they spread like wildfire, and the same happened with Steven Johnson.

If they are to be believed, Steven is their new boyfriend of Sonya Curry. Dell Curry’s wife and Dell himself went viral during the Game 4 of the NBA Finals as both the former NBA star and his estranged wife seemed to have attended the game, but not together and with their new significant others. While rumors are directed toward Steven and Sonya’s love affair, it is still unclear what exactly is going on between them.

Dell and Sonya attended the NBA finals recently to watch their son, Step Curry, play for the Golden State Warriors.

Sonya was Reportedly Engaged in an Extra-Marital Affair

Dell’s legal team has laid down Sonya started her extramarital affair with Steven Johnson during the marriage and previous to the date of separation. It happened in March 2020. She lied to Dell each time the woman cheated on him.

Dell Curry proclaimed that Sonya is and has been dating Steven Johnson. They began their relationship during her marriage with Dell, and before their separation, she lied each time she cheated on Dell Curry.

These statements are out of the court documents regarding their trial. The document also claims that Sonya is living with Steven Johnson in Tennessee and states that she should not be entitled to any alimony due to that reason.

Sonya has her claims too. According to her, Dell would not allow her to stay in the family house after they split in 2020 because of which Sonya had to live alone. She has even charged her ex-husband with infidelity and claimed that Dell had many affairs, and Sonya came to know about them through family, friends, and acquaintances. She also stated that she did not want the information about his adultery public because she was trying to protect the interest of her family.

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When Dell accused his wife of being unfaithful, she had no choice but to reveal the infidelity on her ex-husband’s part.

The Whole Thing Went Public

After the news of their divorce surfaced all over the internet, the estranged pair gave a joint statement to People Magazine.

“After exploring a trial separation over the past year and much deliberate contemplation, we have chosen to dissolve our marriage.”

The fact that the couple had been married for over three decades makes the whole situation even worse. Some fans did not welcome their joint statement at all. The duo got married in 1988 and filed for their divorce in June 2021.

Are Steven and Sonya Married?

There are no reports of the couple’s marriage. As of now, they are only dating each other.

What is Steven Johnson’s Net Worth?

Steven enjoys a whopping net worth of $5 million. He has a monthly income of $100,000. Besides accumulating enough money from his football career, he also earned enough profits from his commercial development company.

Steven donated $1 million to the Virginia Tech Indoor Practice Facility in 2013, and the institution named the neighboring Steven Johnson Practice Fields after him. His company oversees all the aspects of development, construction, and operations.

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