Who is the three-year-old girl who explains with stuffed animals and sweets how cryptocurrencies work

Who is the three-year-old girl who explains with stuffed animals and sweets how cryptocurrencies work

Lily Knight he is only three years old and he became trend on social networks for his educational program in which he explains in his own words, using stuffed animals, dolls and candy, how does the cryptocurrency system, what is it Ethereum, and Bitcoins.

“Welcome to Lily’s show, today I’m going to talk about Ethereum”Says the youngest cryptocurrency instructor in the world in one of the videos that is just over two minutes long.

“It is a technology blockchain decentralized and open source, which was invented by a super genius named Vitalik Buterin”, Begins in his explanation, through which he managed to capture the attention not only of millions of Internet users, but also of well-known experts in the field and cryptocurrency investors.

Lily who studies in Spain, already has 1,000 followers on his Facebook page, more than 14,500 followers on Twitter and more than 750 subscribers on YouTube. Even, some of his videos in Twitter exceeds 4,000, 7,500, 100,000, 265,000 and up to 1.5 million views.

As Lily explains, the most important thing about Ethereum is its composability: “This means that other people can build applications on the Ethereum blockchain, using something called smart contracts”, he points out.

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In one of her original explanations, the girl uses a doll of Peppa Pig to develop your exhibition. He describes this character as: “an ether, Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, which feeds its network of blockchain. Peppa is the hostess of the house ”. On the other hand, there are Peppa Pig’s parents, Papi Pig y Miss Rabbit, who make the protocols Uniswap and MakerDao, developed on the blockchain of Ethereum most important.

Another doll represents non-fungible tokens (NFTs). “These are the life of the party blockchain”, He points out while remarking that Ethereum is moving towards a new system: Ethereum 2.

Lily Knight explains how a bitcoin works (Video: Twitter @LilyKnightShow).

In another of the videos that has accumulated thousands of views, Lily also talks about bitcoin, which he describes as “digital money ”, whose main characteristic is that “it is decentralized, that is, it does not need any bank.” “There will only be 21 million bitcoins in the market,” he adds while saying that it was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, “That nobody knows who he is.”

To explain how it works, place several stuffed animals next to him. Each one, with a bag full of candies, which they make from bitcoins. The girl takes the plastic bag with her candy and says it’s her wallet. It also shows the one with the unicorn. “Everybody has wallets”, He points out. It is here that the “transactions” begin: one of the stuffed animals gives Lily two bitcoins, generating a wooden block on which it says “Dolly – Lily“, which represents the transaction.

Repeat the operation moving bitcoins from one exchange to another until you have five wooden blocks, one on top of the other. Lily points to that pile and comments: “This is a blockchain, anyone can see it, but it is completely anonymous. And that is the great pillar of bitcoin”.

Lily then wonders why a bitcoin is so expensive. The answer, he explains, is that it is a “safe, anonymous and limited medium. What’s more, anyone can have bitcoin, and that makes the price go up”.

However, the girl who does not stop surprising the world of finance with her clear explanations, also expressed her opinion via Twitter about the adoption of bitcoin as legal tender in The Savior. “So many Salvadorans asking and learning about bitcoin. There is nothing like putting BTC in the hands of the people. This is more than just money, it is knowledge. Global and without borders”, He mentioned.

Lily Knight is three years old (Video: Twitter @LilyKnightShow).

Also, Lily had the opportunity to have a chat with Michael Saylor, CEO and founder of MicroStrategy, the company that owns the most bitcoins in the world, with more than 114 thousand, in which he asked his opinion about bitcoin and his future plans with the cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, Lily also chatted with Michael del Castillo, a journalist specialized in cryptocurrencies who works for Forbes, and with the co-founder of Gemini and one of the big investors in bitcoin, Tyler Winklevoss, who praised Lily’s explanation of digital currency, saying she “understands bitcoin better than most central bankers.”

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