Who will be the next James Bond? Producers ponder their choice as the series turns 60

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James Bond, the martinis-drinking, tuxedo-wearing British secret agent, turns 60 on the big screen on Wednesday, but who will be the next actor to take on the iconic role?

According to Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the search for a new actor hasn’t even begun after Daniel Craig’s latest outing as the suave super-spy in the 2021 film “No Time to Die.” “Actually, we won’t really be looking for an actor for a while,” Broccoli said in an interview ahead of the 60th anniversary of the world premiere of “Dr. No,” the first Bond film, on Oct. 5, 1962. “What we have to do is start another reinvention, which is what’s exciting about being in this place right now,” Broccoli added. But while fans continue to speculate on who will be cast in one of Hollywood’s most coveted roles, what characteristics are producers looking for in the next actor to play Bond? “We want, first of all, a good actor, an actor who is not necessarily an action actor, but someone who can play what we hope will be the demanding roles that we write in the scripts,” Wilson said.

“That’s certainly, I think, number one, but it’s so difficult… I mean, if you look at the actors who have played Bond, it’s very difficult to establish any commonality,” he added.

Sean Connery was the first to play the fictional spy created by writer Ian Fleming. He was followed by George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and finally Craig.

Broccoli said that casting the right actor was paramount to the success of the franchise.

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“It’s a good thing they cast Sean Connery in the first place, because I think if it hadn’t been him, who knows if we’d still be here 60 years later. And every one of the actors has taken the show in a new direction, kept it fresh and relevant to the times.”

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