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Why is the Day of the psychopedagogue celebrated on September 17

The role of psychopedagogists It is fundamental for social development, and over the years they have been given the recognition they deserve, validating their work in different areas. And it is that they had the belief that they only worked in the cabinets of schools (generally in elementary schools), but the truth is that their study enables them to perform helping other ages as well.

So today we find them in hospitals, children’s homes, mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, courts, therapeutic communities and special schools, among others.

His day is celebrated on September 17 of each year. Those committed to the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders, as well as any other alteration of human behavior, are honored.

To understand the origin of this date, we go back to 1980, when on Mars, September 16 (Yes, one day before the commemorative date) of that year Jean Piaget died a prestigious Swiss psychologist and philosopher who dedicated himself to leaving his mark on the advancement of this branch, giving rise to the genetic epistemology, the discipline that studies the mechanisms and processes through which one goes from the states of less knowledge to the states of more advanced knowledge.

Two years later, the Argentine Federation of Psychopedagogues (FAP) was founded by means of an act during a congress of Professionals of Psychopedagogues of San Juan

The science of educational psychology

Psychopedagogy is a science that try to understand and explain human behavior in different situations that you find yourself in. It brings together in itself the psychology of learning, epistemology, psycholinguistics, didactics, etc.

The main function of the educational psychologist is to direct help to all those with learning difficulties, especially children. They apply different methods so that the subject can overcome his problems and can advance correctly over those barriers.

Before starting any technique, the specialist performs a preliminary analysis of the circumstances surrounding the person, in order to understand a little more why, or the difficulties that could arise once the process has started. Once the situation has been analyzed, he will choose the most suitable for the patient, and will carry out a series of exercises to be carried out, ensuring the improvement and evolution of the person.

The psychopedagogical orientation is framed within the following parameters: Orientation in the learning processes; Attention to diversity; Academic orientation; Professional orientation.

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