Why is World Social Worker Day commemorated?

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Social work is an academic discipline with an undergraduate degree that aims to development and social cohesion through a set of tools, and socio-educational actions, to combat inequality and promote the development of vulnerable people.

Respect for diversity, for indigenous peoples and social justice are some of the pillars of workers, assistants or social servants, who long ago celebrated their vocation every July 2.

But nevertheless, from 2012, Social Workers Across the Country Have Their Deserved Day every 10 december, which exactly matches the Universal Human Rights Day.

As expressed by the Argentine Federation of Professional Associations of Social Service (FAAPSS), the change of date has elementary reasons.

On the one hand it happens that the old celebration had a religious origin that was not conducive to the current principles of this profession, since it was proposed in 1961 by the social worker Marta Ezcurra, a member of the International Catholic Union of Social Service, with the aim of honoring her cousin Santa Isabel on the Day of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary.

This date was ratified at the III National Meeting of Associations of Social Workers, held in August 1979 in Santiago del Estero, until on April 14, 2012 the FAAPSS issued resolution 1/12 by which it modified the commemoration to on December 10, since the previous “He did not represent the group of social workers in the country.”

December 10 is Universal Human Rights Day and the proposal to set this date as Social Worker Day in Argentina implies assuming a clear political and ideological position in our profession, placing the question of Human Rights as the axis central to our ethical-political project as a professional group ”, stated the Federation.

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The Federal Law of Social Work No. 24,072 sanctioned in December 2014 states in its article 4 that Social Work is understood as “the profession based on practice and an academic discipline that promotes change and social development, social cohesion and the empowerment and liberation of people. The principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and respect for diversity are fundamental to Social Work. Supported by theories of Social Work, the social sciences, the humanities and indigenous knowledge, Social Work involves people and structures to face life challenges and increase well-being ”.

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