Why Outsource Custom Software Development Services to Ukraine?

Software solutions tailored to the needs of your business can help you outshine competitors, drive sales and boost brand awareness. Today, when consumers are glued to digital screens, it is essential to capture their attention with state-of-the-art solutions. Developing software in-house is always more expensive than outsourcing to another city or country. Ukraine is chosen by businesses from all around the world, including tech giants. 

Saving money is not the only goal of outsourcing. You get instant access to a vast pool of talented professionals with suitable skills and background. Companies like Intellectsoft deliver unique solutions for big brands like Ernst & Young and Jaguar. IT outsourcing to Ukraine could be the ideal choice for your next project. Here are the basics.

How Ukraine Became a Popular Outsourcing Partner

Ukraine was well-positioned to see an explosion of the tech segment after the collapse of the USSR. In the ’60s and ’70s, Kyiv was the only city that produced multi-purpose computers in the country. In the Soviet times, the population of Ukraine was highly educated, as it had around 20 tech universities and research institutions. They laid a strong foundation for IT development. In the ’90s, over two-thirds of the population had a higher education degree. 

Since 2015, the IT sector has been growing rapidly. Today, Ukraine has around 200,000 developers compared to 74,000 just 5 years ago. By 2025, the national talent pool is expected to grow to 250,000. Meanwhile, the annual export volume is projected to reach $8.4 billion.

Local software developers are praised for the quality of their work, as well as their strong communication skills and English fluency. They are ranked 5th worldwide and fourth in Europe. Their hourly rates are also significantly lower than in the West. 

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How to Hire Ukrainian Developers

Ukrainian companies offer different forms of collaboration. You could outsource the entire project end-to-end, extend your in-house team or establish a dedicated office. Here is a closer look at each model.

  • Dedicated teams

The easiest way to hire software experts is to delegate your entire project. This is particularly convenient for companies that lack tech expertise but need full-cycle development. This model of cooperation lets you focus on your core business activities instead of delving into tech jargon and methodologies. 

A vendor takes care of all tasks required to deliver a custom solution based on your needs. This includes architecture, team management, UI and UX, project management, coding, QA, maintenance, etc.

Compare this to hiring full-time or part-time employees. In addition to the time and resources needed to find candidates and conduct interviews, you will also have to provide a competitive salary for your region and benefits like insurance and paid vacation. What’s more, software development requires specific hardware and software, including licenses. All of these things can be costly.

  • Staff augmentation

This scenario is preferable for businesses that already have in-house IT specialists but need access to particular skills and expertise. Augmentation is a way to reinforce a current project or department with specialists on a flexible basis. This means that they can join and leave the team when necessary.

Software developers from Ukraine can be tasked with some tech-heavy lifting. At the same time, they can become part of your project structures just like regular employees. Of course, this model of cooperation requires that your own team and the borrowed talents have strong soft skills.

  • R&D facilities
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Finally, major corporations may consider establishing their own physical office in Ukraine. At the moment, over 110 R&D centers of foreign companies are found in the country. This includes such giants as Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, and Oracle. Naturally, this approach is relatively complex, as it requires that you establish a legal entity in Ukraine, find consulting partners to deal with all formalities, hire staff, and comply with tax regulations.

Final Words

Over the past few decades, Ukraine has become one of the most attractive locations for outsourced software development, including tailor-made solutions. Local providers have access to cutting-edge resources and a vast pool of talented experts that can execute projects of any complexity. You can find a suitable provider through recommendations, specialized websites like Clutch, social media, or online search.