Windows Insider: what it is and how to sign up to test Windows 11 and other betas

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Updates are a fundamental part of the development of an operating system. They are the pieces of software that enhance your capabilities and protect you from serious problems arising from the Internet. But for all of this to really work, you need the support of everyone who can sign up for the company’s testing program. This is the Windows 11 Insider program and we are going to tell you how to be part of it.

What it means to be a Windows Insider

Like the average user, device updates come after a testing process. This is essentially Microsoft’s Insider program, a ‘division’ in which it has more or less prepared users who test updates before they are released. This has a good part and a not so much part. The first is that you receive the news before anyone else, the counterpart is that these news still contain errors that must be reported.

That is why this counterpart is not all that bad, since bug reports are sent to the developer for later correction. These software improvements are called beta phases, which have passed a major filter in their alpha phases where there are many more errors to correct and stabilize.

How to join the Insider program

If you are not afraid of being one of the first to have an early version of an application or operating system, you can keep reading. In the following lines we explain how to sign up for try Windows 11 before anyone else as well as all its later versions. Follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Update and security
  • Go to the Windows Insider Program section

At this point you should bear in mind that you need to activate the optional Diagnostic Data. These are found in Settings> Privacy> Comments and diagnosis. Just select this option and it will give you the possibility to enter the Insider Program. Returning to the section that you will find in the Update and security part, it will ask you to complete some requirements.

The first one is to link an email account. This is easy especially if you log in with your Outlook address. The next step is to choose the updates you want to receive, which are divided into Send early updates, The next version of Windows or Skip ahead to the next version of Windows. After choosing between one of these options you will have to restart the computer and you will now be part of the Windows Insider program.


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