With Battlefield 2042’s Portal editor, you’ll be able to play the game in many different ways

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The trailer for Battlefield Portal features a scene where an army equipped only with medical supplies confronts a battalion waving small knives. They collide at a checkpoint, battling each other with their limited ammunition, and possibly cursing their commanders who sent them to the front with such limited ammunition. As a franchise, Battlefield excels in chaoticism and extremism, whether it’s weird or ridiculous or ridiculous. However, Portal, which came out with Battlefield 2042, comes to the fore at this point.

In essence, Battlefield Portal is a map editor. DICE; Battlefield 1942 has taken six classic maps from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 and adjusted them for 2042. (So ​​El Alamein and The Battle of Bulge can be experienced in 4K.) Vehicles, weapons and classes from the old games are also preserved. And the DICE editor shared it with the community so they can create chaos as they please. So the entire Battlefield will be at your fingertips with Portal. Want to bring super soldiers from 2042 to WWII? Please do it. The choice is in your hands.

Changing levels this way is not within Battlefield 2042’s app. Instead, players go to a website and upload it to their server from there. This might sound a little daunting at first, but after DICE showed you how the system works, it’s clear why Portal won’t fit in with the game’s interface. The details in Battlefield Portal are incredible. We can say that it is like an RPG creator for the portal.

However, Portal is a bit difficult to learn. There are parts that look like lots of code on the screen. This isn’t Super Mario Maker after all. But Portal’s system is designed for a specific type of player, so we the rest can enjoy their creations. This is how mods generally work. Fans released Halo’s beloved Zombies mode, as well as DOTA. Portal also has a structure that can allow such mods.

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The ones created in the Portal can remain private and you can play the mods with your friends. Or you can upload your work to an old-fashioned server. Yes, we are talking about playing matches like in 2004. Looks like there’s nothing you can’t do with Portal in Battlefield.

News by Luke Winkie.

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