Women are encouraged to learn programming on pioneer Lovelace’s day

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Women are encouraged to learn programming on pioneer Lovelace's day

San Francisco, Oct 12 (EFE) .- The Ada Developers Academy, named in honor of the British mathematician Ada Lovelace, encouraged women, especially those belonging to minorities, to learn to write computer code on the day in that the figure of this pioneer of programming is commemorated.

The ability to write code is an increasingly common requirement for many jobs, especially those highly paid in the technology sector, but less than 6% of the world’s developers identify as women, according to the latest data from the specialized portal Statista.

To remedy this situation, the non-profit organization Ada Developers Academy was created in Seattle (Washington state), baptized as the woman who already in the 19th century identified that the computers of the time could carry perform tasks beyond simple calculations.

Lovelace, daughter of the romantic poet Lord Byron, published the first algorithm for this type of machines, which is why she is considered the first computer developer, and this Tuesday her figure is commemorated with Ada Lovelace Day.

To honor Lovelace’s memory and legacy and to help women educate themselves to take advantage of the business and career opportunities of the 21st century, Ada Academy offers free courses to people who identify as women, especially those who are part of racial or sexual minority groups.

Ada’s programs, founded in 2013, consist of six months of in-class training and another five months of internships at one of the entity’s partner companies, which include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Uber and Zillow.

More than 70% of Ada’s students are women of color, and 95% of graduates find full-time employment six months after completing the course, with salary increases averaging 148%.

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