Workshop reports: News from the Fablabs and the maker scene

The Chaos Communication Congress will only take place virtually for a second time and many fablabs and hackspaces have extended their Christmas break – or are only open to members under 2G-Plus conditions. Nevertheless, two projects have recently started: Mobile Fablabs are on the way in Lausitz and a new makerspace is to be created in Erlangen.

How can we keep things we love for longer? What can everyone do to get the growing drought under control? And what ideas are there for more mobility? The project will deal with these and other questions over the next two years Mobile fablabs in Lausitz (MoFab) employ. For that provides Network of Open Workshops in Brandenburg his workshops available – or drop by with a mobile Fablab.

To kick off the project, several mobile makerspaces met at the end of October on the Cottbus Altmarkt: the makerkutsche from southern Brandenburg, the Fabmobil from eastern Saxony and the mobile Fablab from Potsdam. In addition, lathes and a jigsaw could be tried out on a cargo bike from the TH Brandenburg. The temporary “wagon castle” was supplemented with an exhibition on the subject of open hardware, with exhibits such as the MNT Reform laptop, the self-cleaning shower Showerloop and the self-made wind turbine. The project will now be under way in Lusatia over the next few months under the motto “Repair, preserve, invent”. In addition to the exhibition, Repair Cafés and workshops will advertise open hardware and repair.

The beginning of 2022 will finally start a funding program for open hardware, with which six project groups are supported. The focus should be on hardware that solves local problems in rural and small-town areas or improves the repair culture.

Large room with some people standing and looking at signs or talking.

Large room with some people standing and looking at signs or talking.

(Image: ZAM / Jochen Hunger)

In Erlangen he has Operating association the keys to that Center for exchange and doing (ZAM) from town to get there to be able to set up his makerspace in the future. The ZAM will be located in the premises of the former Greiner shop, which was bought by the city. After a renovation, various workshops are to be built here, for example for prototyping, electronics, metal and textile work. Creative and artistic exchange should be possible as well as workshops and educational offers from other local initiatives and municipal institutions. With an area of ​​over 3,000 square meters, there will definitely be plenty of space for this in the ZAM.

The pop-up space was created in summer 2020 ex carpet a new experimental room for a short while, which was continued in 2021 with the “show room” in the former Pfeiffer leather goods store. Since March 2021 there has been a carrier for the project in the form of the operator association. Further development is being funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior through the “Post-Corona-Stadt” program. The necessary work in the areas of fire protection and security will probably take until 2023 – until then, maker projects should be admired again and again in the ZAM shop window.

That Ensemble Materialtheater from Stuttgart is looking for repair cafesto show the film “Uprising of Things” there. It is about the relationship between people and their objects, about choosing, throwing away and rebellion. The film is 25 minutes long and requires a room that can be darkened and is at least 20 square meters in size. The traveling cinema is provided by the material theater.

There is now an insurance policy for Austrian Repair Cafés that against consequential damage from unsuccessful repairs should protect. The offer from the insurer helvetia is free, but the cafés have to report statistical data on their repairs to the re-use and repair network Austria.

More from Make

More from Make

More from Make

More from Make

The state of Bremen is looking for exciting ideas from the field of 3D printing. In addition to companies, individuals based in Bremen can also take part. There is a separate category for projects by schoolchildren. In addition to projects that have already been implemented, sketches and drafts can also be proposed. The deadline for entries is February 28, 2022.

These and other dates are constantly updated in our event calendar. You can also enter your own dates there. Do-it-yourself places near you can be found in our makerspace card – The upcoming Maker Faires are also listed there. Did we miss something? Then we look forward to your tips.


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