Xbox urges its users to get vaccinated against COVID-19 due to the increase in cases in the USA

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Xbox is encouraging its gaming community to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The North American company published last Friday a message on the social network Twitter where it quotes government members linked to the coronavirus prevention to spread information and not disinformation; one of the great scourges that science has encountered during the year and a half of the pandemic.

The truth is that Hospital pressure has skyrocketed in North America in recent weeks by the variant delta, of which we have less information. There’s a 78% occupancy in the number of beds in the FIA, according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. If to that we add that 99.5% of current hospital admissions correspond to unvaccinated US residents, it is urgent to spread a message of tranquility about vaccines.

The country, led by Democratic politician Joe Biden, is gaining support from big business; among them, Xbox.

“The power of the game makes us heroes in new worlds every day. You too can be a hero in real life by getting vaccinated against COVID-19, protecting yourself and the people around you ”, they write, attaching the message with direct information to resolve possible doubts based on scientific evidence. “The COVID-19 vaccines licensed in the United States are very effective in preventing serious illness and death, including against the Delta variant. Currently, unvaccinated people are most at risk of contracting and spreading the virus”.

The situation of COVID-19 in Spain

The official website of the Government of Spain, in its section dedicated to the Ministry of Health, breaks down the current situation of the coronavirus in Spain. With more than 4.83 million confirmed cases, the number of doses administered is 65.03 million; of which 32.45 million people already have a complete guideline. This translates into 68.6% of the total population of the entire country. Although the key figure to achieve the so-called “group immunity” was initially set at 70%, the new variants show the need to continue vaccinating until a total majority is reached.

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Despite everything, during the last seven days, 61,356 cases of COVID-19 were registered in Spain; 7206 hospitalizations and 864 deaths.

Source | VGC; Government of Spain


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