YouTube will strengthen its bet on video games: this is how they will rival Twitch

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YouTube intends to continue increasing its role in the video game sector with YouTube Gaming. The platform, owned by Google, has issued a statement explaining its purposes for the future and its commitment to making the video game an “essential part” of its business. With more than 800,000 million views related to the gaming, 90 million hours of streaming live and more than 250 million videos published about videogames only during this last year, his objective now is to continue cutting ground to Amazon’s Twitch.

“Content creators will be more important than ever to game developers in the next 5 years”

Ryan Wyatt, global head of YouTube Gaming, explains that its content creators are multidimensional and YouTube is the ideal platform to develop these skills. According to their criteria, the already veteran platform allows publishing videos on demand, short and direct; multitude of formats to tell different types of stories. In addition, it highlights that its service offers ten ways to monetize videos; from advertisements through subscriptions, merchandising, memberships or donations, among others.

Soon they will incorporate new tools to give more prominence to streamings live, to offer new monetization methods and charactereristics for chat. Their recent deal with Discord will allow them to gradually get closer to their goals.

“YouTube Gaming recognizes that content creators will be more important than ever for video game developers in the next 5 years,” says Wyatt, who considers creators an essential part that will influence how they are developed according to which video games. “It’s no longer about bringing games to creators when they want marketing support at launch. They will be there as true partners, influencing the creative direction, functionality and formats ”. That is why he wants the YouTube Gaming platform to be there, as a support to bring those contents to life; whatever type they are.

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In the meantime, Twitch continues as leader of the world of streaming with a 70.5% market share; followed by Facebook Gaming with 15.7% and YouTube Gaming with 13.8%.

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