A Pemex marine platform burns down in the Gulf of Mexico (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Se incendia una plataforma marina de Pemex en el golfo de México (FOTOS, VIDEO)

This Sunday a fire was registered on an offshore platform of the state oil company Pemex located in the Gulf of Mexico, Reuters reports, citing two sources familiar with the situation.

According to reports, the fire apparently occurred in front of the Mexican state of Campeche (Yucatan Peninsula), precisely on the Ku-Alfa platform that is part of its largest producer complex: Ku Maloob Zaap (KMZ).

One of the agency’s sources assured that the platform was in operation at the time of the incident.

For their part, local media they report that the fire started after an explosion which occurred in a gas and crude distribution center, destined for other oil installations.

So far it is unknown if there are victims but it is reported that the workers were being evacuated to flotels, the support vessels used to house oil rig personnel.

Faustino Suárez, captain of the Merchant Navy, wrote on his Facebook page that the fire was controlled around 4:35 p.m. (local time) this Sunday, although he did not give more details of the events.

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