Argentina let a Cape Verde cruise ship dock with an infected person inside after confusing Africa with Asia

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Argentina has experienced an unusual event these days as a result of a geographical confusion that has allowed the mooring of a cruise ship without the relevant health control in Buenos Aires for having confused Asia with Africa. The event occurred last Friday, when a ship from Cape Verde arrived at the port and the local authority assumed that the origin was the Asian continent, leaving the sanitary protocol not applied to ships from Africa.

In full alert for the variant of the Omicron coronavirus, originating in South Africa and Botswana, a ship from the African archipelago of Cape Verde arrived at the metropolitan port of Buenos Aires requesting permission to dock. At 7:30 p.m. he did so in the terminal receiving the ‘free talk’, which is the permission for both passengers and crew to descend to the mainland. Aboard the ship MS Hamburg, under the Bahamian flag, 170 people were traveling.

The problem is that the permit was given to him by an operator who thought that Cape Verde was an island in Asia. An inspector from the Border Health Directorate noticed the error and, according to Infobae, he snapped at the person in charge: “Boluda, this ship comes from Cape Verde, isn’t that Africa?”. The problem is that a positive case was detected on board the ship. Of course, according to information, this person would not have left the ship.

But the vast majority of passengers did enter the mainland. Twelve hours after the permit was granted, and after assuming the error, the ‘free talk’ was withdrawn and the ship quarantined, while there was no choice but to start a peculiar search and seizure of the tourists who had spread through the city of Buenos Aires, which were not many either. Among them, a group of German tourists who were traveling to the Ezeiza airport and who had to be intercepted and returned to the ship.

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At the same time, within the Health and Interior Government, the blame for the event has been disputed as if it were a tennis match, the ball of ultimate responsibility being thrown between them in the chain of errors.

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