Where Is Payton Leutner Now? The Slender Man Survivor

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Where is Payton Leutner now?

Where is Payton Leutner now? Payton Leutner’s life changed instantly when she was stabbed 19 times by her closest friend Morgan Geyser and another classmate, Anissa Weier, in a scene straight out of a creepypasta nightmare or a Ryan Murphy horror series. Weier was convicted of attempted first-degree murder, but Geyser was acquitted on the grounds of insanity for the May 2014 assault that purportedly arose from Slender Man’s urban legend. Because of the dramatic nature of the crime, the young age of the perpetrators, and the origin of the assault in a fictitious Internet boogeyman, Leutner’s tale became the subject of many television specials and a Netflix film starring Joey King.

In 2019, Leutner told David Muir that she was still hesitant to make new acquaintances and had difficulty sleeping with her alone. Weier, one of her assailants, was released early from the Winnebago Mental Health Facility after completing just four years of her 25-year sentence.

Slender Man' stabbing victim slept with scissors, mother says

A reversal of her conviction on appeal was rejected. After her 2017 conviction, Geyser’s defenders claimed that she should have been prosecuted in juvenile court since she was 12 at the stabbing. Geyser was subsequently diagnosed with schizophrenia. On the other hand, during her interview with ABC, Leutner praised Geyser for molding her into the person she is now.

Leutner Recalls Being Harassed

In the hours after the incident on May 31, 2014, Geyser and Weier confessed to authorities that they planned to murder Leutner. To begin, they intended to murder Leutner at Geyser’s 12th birthday sleepover; next, they would stab her in the park toilet; and then they agreed to play hide-and-seek in a forested section of the park and use a kitchen knife to stab her. In fifth grade, Geyser was Leutner’s closest buddy, but that changed in sixth grade. Geyser and Weier were acquainted with Slender Man as soon as Weier enrolled at their school.

Geyser and Weier said Slender Man would harm them or their families if they didn’t kill him. Upon hearing the reasons for Morgan’s actions, Leutner remarked, “I was thinking, ‘This doesn’t surprise me at all, because (Morgan) believed so passionately in this thing that she would do anything for it.” They’d been working on such a large, comprehensive strategy for months was “a bit startling,” she said.

Slender Man' stabbing victim speaks publicly for first time: 'Without the  whole situation, I wouldn't be who I am' - ABC News

Geyser came up with going to the park in the morning, Leutner remembers. “I didn’t give it a second thought. It’s a simple stroll. It’s located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Waukesha, Wisconsin is known for what?” Geyser started stabbing Leutner after they deceived her into the woods and got her held down.

But instead of traveling to the Nicolet National Forest, where they thought Slender Man dwelt in a mansion, they lied to Leutner and ran away. “I didn’t feel anything because my body was in shock,” Leutner tells Muir. After Geyser had finished stabbing her, Leutner said that the two of them gazed at her as she lay on the ground. According to Leutner, adult court charges were justified.

Adult court docketed Geyser and Weier for attempted first-degree intentional murder in the incident. Their lawyers sought to convince Judge Michael Bohren to move the matter to juvenile court in the following months. Their demands were turned down. Leutner’s words, “adult crime” is “adult court.” “You know they’re young when they’ve stolen a candy bar. That’s why you attempted to murder someone. That’s a felony for adults.”

After a series of negotiations, Geyser and Weier agreed to plea agreements in which they were convicted but ruled not guilty due to mental illness or defect, respectively. There were two maximum penalties given to Geyser and Weier: Geyser for 40 years and Weier, who admitted his involvement in the crime, for 25 years in a state mental institution.

When Can We Expect To See Geyser, Weier In Stores?

Every six months, Geyser may request a conditional discharge from the hospital if the facility’s staff supports it. Any changes to the release would need the consent of a court. In July 2020, Weier, diagnosed with a delusional condition, will be eligible for parole.

“I believe Morgan may rejoin the community, if not immediately, very shortly,” Geyser’s attorney, Anthony Cotton, stated in the episode. According to Leutner, she has no concerns about Geyser or Weier being released in the future.

Wisconsin girl reaches plea deal in Slender Man case | AP News

This is the last time they’ll see me,” Leutner warned. My life isn’t going to alter at all after they go.” However, just in case, Leutner claimed she keeps a broken pair of scissors beneath her pillow. “It simply gives me a sense of security,” Leutner says.

Leutner Expressed Gratitude To Geyser

When Leutner’s mother, Stacey, spoke to the media after the incident, she stated that the 17-year-old still had trust difficulties, despite coming to grips with what occurred. “Even though she had friends, she originally maintained a distance from them. At first, it was difficult for her to trust even her own family members, “She elaborated. For years, there has been a persistent argument regarding whether or not the two youngsters should be prosecuted as adults. Leutner has this to say: “An adult courtroom is reserved for adults who commit adult crimes. Sure, if they’d taken a candy bar, they’d be considered children. That’s why you attempted to murder someone. That’s a felony for adults.” In the words of Leutner’s closest friend, “possibly unforgivable,” she never wants to see or speak to her assailants again.

“If she ever attempted to get near me, she would go straight back where she was,” the adolescent concluded. At this point, her mother said, “I am not comfortable with her being discharged.” However, the buddy who attempted to assassinate Leutner would “first thank (Geyser)” if she ever spoke to him. “I am where I am now solely due to what she did. I think it’s fantastic, and I already have a strategy to use it. When I was 12, I didn’t have a plan; I do now, after all, I’ve been through. “Leutner conveyed this to me.

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