Super-uncle! Look at the tender gesture of Henry Cavill to defend his nephew

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Sometimes children have problems differentiating reality from fiction and are pointed out to invent characters, as just happened to the little one Thomas, nephew of Henry Cavill. The little boy faced teasing from his classmates and punishment from the school superiors when He told everyone that his uncle was Superman, but since they did not believe him, the actor went in person to defend him.

Seven-year-old Thomas told school that the popular DC superhero who flies through the air and becomes vulnerable to Kryptonite is his uncle, but no one believed him. On the contrary, he had to face the accusing finger of those who called him a liar and even the teacher told him that Superman did not exist. At his insistence, the teacher sent him to the principal’s office.

Naturally, when Thomas’s mother went to pick him up at school and found out about the punishment, she defended her version and assured that the little boy was not lying, which sparked more anger. So the solution he got was to give a phone call to Henry Cavill and explain what happened to end the sayings.

So without much fuss, the “Justice League” actor accompanied his nephew the next day. In social networks the images of Henry Cavill leading the seven-year-old by the hand to “save” him in the best Superman style and become his Super-Uncle. In addition, the gesture revolutionizes platforms such as Twitter.

The protagonist of “The WitcherBorn in Jersey, he is the son of Colin (a stockbroker) and Marianne (a secretary at a bank) whom he revealed on social media some time ago. The family clan is completed by his three older brothers, Piers, Nick and Simon and a younger brother, Charlie.

Super-uncle!  Look at the tender gesture of Henry Cavill to defend his nephew


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