Vatican police confiscate flags of Cuban dissidents

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The Vatican has once again made a new nod to communist dictatorships. This Sunday hundreds of Cubans with flags of their country attended the Angelus Mass officiated by the Pope Francisco in the Plaza San Pedro. The call was a show of support for the mobilization against the Castro regime scheduled for next November 15 on the island. What they did not expect is that Vatican Security agents would confiscate their country’s flags when it is very common to see people from all over the world in the square with flags.

“God, country, life and freedom!” Was one of the shouts made by a group of women who were peacefully demonstrating for freedom in Cuba. “Human rights for Cubans!” and “We want Cuba free!” were other slogans.

The Vatican has a Gendarmerie Corps which acts as the gendarmerie, police and security force of the Vatican City and the extraterritorial properties of the Holy See, in addition to the already known as Switzerland guard, which protects the Pope within the Holy See. The body is responsible for security, public order, border control, traffic control, criminal investigation, and other general policing tasks.

It was a peaceful demonstration in which the Cubans asked Pope Francis to make a gesture for the thousands of his compatriots who live under the totalitarian boot of Castroism. But this Pope has already made it clear which side he is on, so much so that he recently received praise from none other than the anti-clerical Spanish left for his criticism of the Conquest of America.

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It should be remembered that in November 2016 the Italian newspaper The Republic published a short interview with Pope Francis to questions from the Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari in which he said that “the communists were the only ones who thought like the Christians.”

“Are you also referring to a Marxist-type society?” Scalfari asked him. “If perhaps it is the communists who think like the Christians,” the Pope replied. «Christ has spoken of a society in which the poor, the weak and the excluded decide. To obtain equality and freedom we must help the people, the poor with or without faith in God, and not the demagogues or the barabbas, “he added.

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