Some FPS Games to Play on Very Low-End PC

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Recent years have seen the popularity of FPS (First Person Shooter) games rise, with many of the gaming industry’s flagship titles coming from this genre. In contrast, many who wish to participate in the action cannot be due to the high hardware requirements for the newer games. When it comes to FPS games with low-end hardware, there are not a lot of choices. Many older games can be played on lower-end hardware, such as a laptop CPU with an integrated graphics card and 1GB of RAM. 

Here are some of the games that will run on your low-end PC or Laptop.

Call of Duty

Up until Modern Warfare, all older Call of Duty games worked well on older systems. As Modern Warfare 2 uses the same engine as the original, it is also a good choice. In the months following these games, the franchise shifted to a newer engine that has high system requirements. There are several Call of Duty games that can be played on low-end machines, including CoD 1, 2, and 3 and Modern Warfare 1 and 2. Featuring a linear storyline and solid shooting mechanics, the first trilogy is set in the World War 2 era. Although most of these games have no online communities, they provide 10-15 hours of playtime, making them worthwhile downloads. As modern games are also littered with blackjack like things like loot boxes and microtransactions it is also a breath of fresh air to go back to old games such as Call of Duty without these kinds of things embedded in them.

Image Source: Call of Duty

Far Cry 2

The computer requirements for Far Cry are less than those of Far Cry 2, but it is not as well-designed as Far Cry 2. This open-world game is set in Africa and offers a first-person perspective and an open environment to explore. In a nation that is experiencing a civil war in Central Africa, the player is immersed in the exploits of a fictional character. Along with a well-developed storyline, the game also has some excellent visuals for its time. In part, this is due to its engaging enemy AI, which responds to stealth and distraction, and has aged well. There are numerous weapons in this game, and the player is encouraged to play it their own way.

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Game of War, known for breaking computers in the late ’00s, can now be played on a low-end PC. Many people considered this game to be the most challenging to run, and for good reason. Aside from being visually appealing, it is also a good Crysis game. There are North Korean insurgents as well as an alien group known as the Ceph that players must combat. There are four main mechanics in the game: the nano suit that the player character wears can switch between strength, speed, defense, and cloaking, allowing for an open-ended style of play. Shooting in the game is among the best you will find in any game to date.

Half Life 1 & 2

With ground-breaking storytelling and solid gameplay, Half-Life was one of the most influential games of the early 2000s. The player assumes the role of Gordon Freeman, a mute scientist tasked with protecting the earth from an alien invasion across dimensions. The storyline is linear, and the weapons include newer concepts, such as gravity-controlling guns. As a follow-up to the first game, it expands on the premise and scale of the first by expanding character development, story, and weapons. In addition to engaging lore, skillfully constructed levels and storyline make the game an entertaining multi-hour adventure.

Portal 1 & 2

Portal, a puzzle game is among the best from this team. Even though the second one requires a higher end PC, the first one is a nice romp through various levels as you solve puzzles along the way. This game involves solving puzzles using portals as the name implies. There is a portal gun in the game for the player character, and the physics allows for novel ways to solve problems. By using momentum, you can jump across a large gap between two portals.

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Project IGI 1 & 2

Project I’m Going In, also known as Project IGI, is one of the first FPS games to achieve critical success with its strategic gameplay. In this game, the player assumes the role of a stealth Special Forces operative tasked with infiltrating various enemy camps without raising alarms. A variety of mechanics enable seamless player agency in the game, such as sound detection by the AI and various means of approaching each enemy camp. It is still worth mentioning that, even though the game does not seem to stress combat much, the gunplay is still solid and well-executed. If you enjoy stealth games, you should check out this one.

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