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Since internet came into our lives has made many things easier for us and opened up endless possibilities by allowing us to connect from anywhere to a device to find answers to the doubts we have or simply when we seek to entertain ourselves.

Such is the case of the audiovisual content that is available to those who seek to enjoy their moments of relaxation. Although we can find short videos and even full movies, we always find the same thing.

Because times have changed, now exist streaming services to enjoy new proposals without leaving home, something that is possible thanks to the advancement of technology. One of those platforms is Netflix. Here is everything you need to know about her.

Netflix is a subscription streaming service that allows its members to watch series and movies without ads on a device with an internet connection. In other words, those who are subscribed can choose from a large number of movies, series, documentaries, concerts and what else they want to see at any time.

Being a multiplatform service, the content it offers can be viewed through various devices, as long as they have the possibility of connecting to the internet and paying for a subscription detailing this.

The name of Netflix comes from “Net” short for internet “and” Flix “from flicks colloquial English for” movies “.

Netflix was born as a DVD rental company delivered by post in 1997 in California, United States.

The idea of ​​creating it, according to the myth created by the same company, arose when Reed Hastings rented the film “Apollo 13” on the Blockbuster chain, but when he returned it a few days late he had to pay a fine of 40 dollars. After that, he thought and put together a plan to create a chain of video stores without fines or commitments.

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However, in the book “Netflixed: the Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs”, the company’s co-founder, Marc Randolph, relates that the idea came from the desire to start an e-commerce business that would eventually choose DVD as its product.

Initially, Netflix was a virtual video store whose customers chose movies through an online platform and these were delivered by postal mail. From their early years to 2002, they billed themselves as “the world’s largest online DVD rental service.”

In 2007, it had its first major transformation by introducing its viewing service via streaming through computers., although in the United States its service of sending DVDs by correspondence continued. In 2008, the company sought alliances to include an application in video game consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox or in various brands of Blu-ray players, so that the series and movies in the catalog could also be viewed through these devices. A year later, the application was included in some smart TVs, and by 2010 in other devices that connected to the internet such as the Nintendo Wii, Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, Wikipedia publishes.

In order to offer a multifunctional platform at all times, it partnered with Amazon’s IT services, gaining popularity for the unlimited, personalized and ad-free access it offered, as well as the possibility of creating different profiles among people who shared the password of a single account, something that was used by Netflix to obtain data from different people to “feed ”Its algorithm and better understand the tastes of the public.

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