New widget area and new graphic format in WordPress 5.8

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From version 5.8, which will be released this month, WordPress should support the WebP graphic format. This has been developed by Google among others since 2010 and is characterized by the fact that it produces significantly smaller files than JPEG and PNG with the same quality. Since WebP masters lossless and lossy compression, it is suitable for graphics and illustrations as well as for photos.

In addition, the editor called Gutenberg will be expanded to include a number of design blocks, which will further advance the transition to a full-site editing solution. Most of these blocks are intended for template creation and are only conditionally suitable for use in posts. Some of the blocks that will be added are: Archive Title, Post Categories and Keywords, Page Title, Website Logo, and Website Subtitle.

This also fits the duotone effect, which should also be integrated in Gutenberg from WordPress 5.8. This makes it possible to create color effects via images and videos using CSS and SVG without changing the actual image.

As of the upcoming version, the new editor will also find its way into the widget area and take over management there. This means that the complete range of functions of the block editor is available to users. On the one hand, this results in more diverse options, such as the use of design blocks in the widgets, on the other hand, there will probably be some side effects. Above all, problems are to be feared with older plugins that manage and display content in the widget area.

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If you want to be sure that the widget area remains unchanged even with the update to the new WordPress version, you should Plugin Classic Widgets Install and activate before updating to WordPress 5.8. It was provided by the WordPress developers and should be supported and maintained until at least 2022.

Version 5.8 is currently available as a release candidate and is expected to be published on July 20, 2021, as WordPress writes on the blog with all the announcements.


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