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BlackArch Linux: Distribution with security focus available in version 2021.09.01

The BlackArch Linux team has released a new version of its Arch-based distribution for security experts and savvy hobbyists. BlackArch 09/01/2021 comes with an updated Linux kernel (5.13.10), revised installer, updated tools, packages and menus as well as some new plugins for the text editor Vim. Above all, however, the already extensive collection of tools supplied has been increased again: With more than 130 new additions, it now includes over 2700 tools for vulnerability searches, IT forensics and the like.

The target group of BlackArch corresponds to those who also like Kali Linux or Parrot OS are aimed at. In contrast to these distributions, however, BlackArch does without the convenience of extensive desktop environments and instead relies on simple window managers.

While this is certainly not for everyone, the BlackArch package sources are also interesting for users of existing Arch Linux installations who want to retrofit selected security tools quickly and easily as a decoupled “toolkit”. At the end of last year we discussed how to do this in a “Tried it out”; Back then, in a short test, an existing Manjaro system also got along well with the BlackArch sources. When choosing a package, a meticulous one helps in advance List of all available tools on the BlackArch website.


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