Europe and the US lead the world patents for recycling plastics

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Berlin, Oct 19 (EFE) .- Europe and the United States are world leaders in the field of patents related to innovation in plastics recycling and alternative plastics technologies, according to a study by the European Patent Office ( EPO).

Both account for 60% of the patent activity in these sectors, with a leading role for Germany, France, which between the two assumed between 2010 and 2019 56% of the patents of the bioplastics technology family.

The report, entitled “Patents for the plastics of tomorrow: global innovation trends in recycling, circular design and alternative sources”, indicates that Spain stands out “for its high degree of specialization both in the recycling of plastics and in innovation in bioplastics” and it is above the European average.

Within Europe, the study indicates that France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium are the countries that stand out for their specialization in both plastic recycling and bioplastics technologies.

It specifies that the first position of Germany is due to the size of its economy, but that this country lacks specialization in these areas.

The study indicates that, in relation to the total number of patents in Spain, Spanish companies and research institutions “presented, proportionally, more patents in recycling plastic and bioplastics than their homonyms in most other European countries.”

In addition, it indicates that, between 2010 and 2019, Spain had the third highest degree of specialization within Europe in the two key technologies (recycling and bioplastics), and within the EU it contributed almost 5% of all patent families international companies in bioplastics and 4% of all international patent families in plastic recycling.

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International Patent Families (IPF) represent “high value inventions” for which patent applications have been filed in two or more patent offices around the world.


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