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Firewalld 1.0: Red Hat modernizes firewall configuration on Linux

Many 0.xx versions of Firewalld have accumulated over the years. With version 1.0 of the tool for network firewall configuration under Linux, Red Hat is now cutting old threads and reducing dependencies. The new version is no longer compatible with Python 2. In addition, the project declares Direct Interface and the PTables backend to be out of date. We have also said goodbye to the tftp client service.

The upcoming release also raises intra-zone forwarding to the standard. By moving the NAT rules to the iNet family, the rule set is reduced. The default target is now similar to reject. ICMP blocks and block reversal are now only valid for input and not for forwarding. CleanupModulesOnExit is set to no by default and kernel modules are not unloaded.

Fedora, CentOS, RHEL, openSUSE and SUSE, as well as various other Linux distributions, use Firewalld for firewall management. Firewalld 1.0 Alpha has been available since the end of May, and the completed major release has now followed. Red also plans to integrate this into Fedora Linux 35. Detailed information on the release can be found on the Project Blog.

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