The coffins of ‘The Squid Game’ become fashionable in the funeral sector

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It is very difficult for any other series to achieve the success of ‘The Squid Game’ in such a short time. In just a few weeks it has become a great global phenomenon with more than 133 million viewers around the world. South Korean fiction has overtaken the screen, sneaking into schools, the world of gastronomy, and even the funeral industry. Although it seems a real madness, the truth is that the coffins from ‘The Squid Game’ they are the latest trend.

The coffins of ‘The Squid Game’

This Wednesday the sixteenth edition of Funermostra, the international funerary products and services contest, at Feria Valencia. One of the most striking novelties has been the coffins of ‘The Squid Game’, with an identical design to those of the series.

The 456 participants of ‘The Squid Game’ face six trials in which they can only live or die. In case they are eliminated, the guards place their bodies in black rectangular coffins with a large pink bow, as if it were a gift.

In the funeral sector event, these coffins have become the focus of all eyes, leaving the rest relegated to the background. Of course, these have not been the only curious novelty of this edition. A recreation of the sarcophagus of Tuntakamón, and the Ecoinvéntamo cooperative has shown some urns made 100% with coffee.

The President of Funermostra, José Vicente Aparicio, has explained through a statement, that the organization is very satisfied with the level of influx of professionals in the sector. In addition, it considers that the main objectives have been met: show sustainable alternatives, “be more diverse” and learn from the Covid-19 health crisis.

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