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grommunio, formerly grammm: New release of the free Exchange alternative

With the release 2021.08.1, the grommunio appliance receives its biggest update to date. It is a free alternative to Microsoft Exchange, which only saw the light of day in February 2021 and immediately caused controversy: Kopano offers a comparable open source groupware and accuses the developer, then known as grammm, of copyright infringement.

The new version should be available from August 17th and expands the supported Linux distributions and available repositories: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 as well as derivatives are now on board. A few weeks after the release, Debian 11 and Ubuntu 20.04 will also follow.

In the future, grommunio will also run on ARM64, PowerPC (ppc64le) and IBM’s zSeries systems (s390x). Installation images for VMware (OVA), Docker and the Raspberry Pi 4+ are also added. Migration tools from Exchange (PST), Kopano (DB / Attachments) and generic mail systems (IMAP / CalDAV / CardDAV) are available for those switching.

MDM guidelines (Mobile Device Management) are now being added for mobile devices; the smartphone status and a general live overview of the status are also new. Furthermore, grommunio Web and the installation images integrate the in-house files, meet and chat. These applications should also soon be available as apps.

More details about the new release can be found in the announcement. grommunio started as grammm, but renamed itself at the end of July 2021. The reason: the old name is too similar to that of Instagram been. The developer rejects Kopano’s allegations, too with the notethat now hardly any code resembles the forked repository. The original allegations can no longer be found on the Kopano website.

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