Creator of “Leave Britney Alone” Declares Transgender Woman

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Back in 2007, when going viral wasn’t so easy, Chris Crocker rose to fame with her desperate plea to be left alone.

At that moment, Christearfully, he implored, “All you want is more, more, more, more, more, leave her alone!”

Crocker became a media figure. In 2012 he ventured into gay porn cinema, participating in various productions.

“A lot of people think that the Britney video is what made me famous and what gave me all these opportunities,” he said in an interview. “But if he had gone to Los Angeles as an unknown actor, he probably could have gotten a lot more work.”
He also acknowledged that his time in the XXX industry harmed him.

This week, he opened up about Instagram to declare herself a transgender woman, announcing that from now on she will be The Cunningham Way.

He said he is finally “happy to be in a place” where he can embrace who he is and has put aside his “personal identity and happiness” out of fear and rejection, as well as “not wanting to embarrass my family.”

“Then I realized that anyone who really loves me for me will not be embarrassed and will have shown genuine interest in how long I have felt this way in the first place.”

“I am in transition and I have no further apologies for who I am. This will be a lonely process in terms of emotional support from others, but I will be happy to know that I am doing this for myself and what I need for my gender dysphoria.”

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