Mago Biondi becomes the first Peruvian to receive the “Oscar” for magic

Mago Biondi becomes the first Peruvian to receive the "Oscar" for magic

The illusionist Mago Biondi has become the first Peruvian to receive the Merlin Award 2021, considered the “Oscar” of magic and which is awarded by the International Magicians Society’s (IMS) to the best exponents of that art worldwide. .

The Merlin Award has been given to magicians of the stature of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or Siegfried & Roy, who have reached a very high level in their area. The criteria considered are talent, theatricality, originality and great skill.

The Magician Biondi has been awarded in the category “The best stage illusionist” (The best stage illusionist) due to his career as an illusionist presenting shows with large structures in the Las Vegas style, in local theaters since 2017.

His actions include levitation, cutting a person in two; and, in addition, perform the famous act of “Metamorphosis”, for which he is locked in a trunk and manages to escape surprisingly.

Under the current situation and new normality, Mago Biondi adapted his show to the virtual format, thus managing to cross borders. This is how the IMS was able to evaluate its work and trajectory to grant this precious recognition.

“It is a real honor to get this award. Being recognized both nationally and abroad makes me feel that all the work of these years has been worth every second of effort ”, expresses the Magician Biondi extremely excited.

I never thought I would get this award, just thinking that great magic like Copperfield or Criss Angel have it makes me feel really honored “, He counted and then added that “Obtaining this award makes me feel that so many years of effort have been worth it, and being the first Peruvian illusionist to have it is a great honor”, adds.

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“When I started with magic, I had one of the IMS instructional videos in my hands; That was the first time I saw Tony Hassini, the president of the institution. It was incredible to me to think that he would personally evaluate my work. Tony was very nice and was delighted with my shows. I am pleased to know that we are at the level of an international or Las Vegas show “, account.

The Magician Biondi is an illusionist, writer and industrial engineer. He has been trained in different international magic congresses since 2007. He has more than 400 online shows performed to date and has presented his show throughout Peru.

In 2019 he published his first book of stories for children, “Magical Dreams”, with the Caja Negra publishing house. Since 2017 he has presented different theatrical seasons with a great technical display and traveling with his shows throughout Peru.

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