Henry Cavill’s ambitious condition to continue as Superman

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We don’t know yet if we’ll ever see Henry Cavill as Superman again, but the actor is asking a lot from Warner Bros. to return.

Lately he has been linked several times to Henry Cavill with Marvel Studios, since they want to sign him for their Cinematographic Universe. But for that to happen, the actor must definitely leave the character of Superman. So to secure your future, you want to be in as many of the big projects of Warner Bros.

Henry Cavill has made it a condition to build or star in as many franchises as possible, in part so that Warner Bros show that you are very important to them and on the other hand because you will lose a great role of Marvel Studios. If we review his filmography, we can realize that he does not mind participating in different sagas, since he has been in Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005), as Superman in DC Comics, in Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018), in Enola Holmes of Netflix of which they are already preparing the sequel and could have its own spin-off and will also make a remake of The Immortals (Highlander).

Other great Warner Bros.

And Henry Cavill come back like Superman, He could also sign for some sagas like Harry Potter, Matrix, Creed and much more.

In DC Comics are waiting for your return to face like Superman a Black Adam and get together with Shazam!, since it may Henry Cavill don’t star Man of Steel 2, but it would be a secondary luxury for all the deliveries they are preparing.

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While they decide to renew Henry Cavill like the great hero of DC Comics, we can see it in Argylle where a spy must travel the world to perform a dangerous mission. He will also star The Rosie Project where he will play an unlucky college professor who creates an elaborate questionnaire in an effort to find a wife and meets an unconventional woman who doesn’t meet any of his “requirements” but who might just be the perfect woman for him.

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