Monday: TSMC contamination, password grab, Android Trojans & home office rules

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A mild summer evening can be a pleasure and if there is also a grill scent, it smells pleasant, but the air is no longer pure. Chip manufacturer TSMC could have felt something like this, because they found impurities. This is not at all ideal for semiconductor production – a brief overview of the most important messages.

Gas contamination was found at the TSMC chip maker in Taiwan. Apparently the 5-nanometer production, which is mainly used for Apple, was affected. According to TSMC, the contaminated gases were promptly replaced with other supplies. The chip manufacturer does not expect any significant effects on the manufacturing process and chip deliveries from the gas contamination in Apple and AMD chip production.

Lost passwords have real and even serious consequences. Most of the time – in IT as in “real life” – on the whole astonishingly many things go well. Not so for a Canadian who suddenly died in India in 2018. In addition to the personal tragedy, there was another problem, because as the head of a crypto exchange, apparently only he had access to the private keys of the so-called “cold wallets” of his customers: password was taken to the grave. Gone stupid.

It could also go stupid for some cell phone users, because IT security researchers have discovered a previously undocumented Trojan for smartphones with the Android operating system. What is new about malware, baptized “Vultur”, is that it uses screen recording functions to access sensitive information on the affected cell phones. The remotely controllable Android Trojan spies out login data for bank accounts and e-wallets

Such malware would be extremely uncomfortable in the home office, but Corona has made working at home everyday. But is there a right to it? Can you also work from abroad? Does it make a difference whether you “work mobile” or whether you are in the “home office”? Many employees are still unsure what they are allowed to do and what not. In the “Legal FAQ: Mobile Working” we give an overview of the legal bases.

YouTube relies on its own legal basis after the video portal blocked the channel Sky News Australia for a week because of its corona reporting. A YouTube spokeswoman confirmed on Sunday the allegation against the station of having incorrectly informed about the pandemic. They have clear and secure principles to prevent the spread of Covid-19 misinformation. The broadcaster strongly criticizes the move, but Sky News Australia is initially blocked from YouTube.

Fortunately, older people in Rhineland-Palatinate are not affected. For some years now, intelligent digital devices have been available to them to reduce their perceived loneliness and to increase their social participation. That is the result of the model project “Digital Neighbors” in Zweibrücken: with technology against loneliness in old age.

Also important:

  • The flood disaster in Germany in mid-July was beyond the imagination of many German citizens. The reasons are now discussed. Is man to blame? Or nature? Half see a connection with climate change.
  • Exactly 50 years ago today and after almost 66 hours on the moon, where a two-seater electric car was used for the first time, the lander is returning to the Apollo 15 spacecraft with astronauts Scott and Irvin on board.


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