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30 years of Linux: The winners of the B1 Systems OSS competition have been announced

The open source system house B1 Systems is donating 30,000 euros on the occasion of the 30th birthday of the Linux kernel: Half of this is distributed over a number of Linux and open source projects. With just under 1900 euros, the association behind the Windows-like, open-source ReactOS operating system gets most of the cake. The other places are followed by the mobile Ubuntu UBPorts (1410 euros), the Perl-based server program FHEM (1364 euros) and the Internet platform Ask the State (1207 euros).

The rest of the prize money, another 15,000 euros, will go to the Nepalese NGOs Association for IDEA Nepal and New SADLE, which work for the health of leprosy sufferers and people in need.

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#heiseshow for 30 years of Linux

B1 Systems distributes the prize money to a total of 31 projects in the OSS environment. The full The list is on the system house’s website visible. The winnings will be paid proportionally according to the votes cast in the online survey carried out from October 4th to 19th. At the beginning of October, B1 Systems announced that it would donate a total of 30,000 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the release of the Linux kernel, half to social institutions and the other half to OSS projects.

As a reason for the donation project, the company writes on its website: “As a thank you to the community, we want to support not only social projects but also projects or non-profit associations that are open source.”

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