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Netflix canceled the hit series that surpassed Queen’s Gambit as the most watched worldwide

Week by week the growth of the streaming service is demonstrated Netflix, which doesn’t seem to have a roof so far. The achievement obtained with The Squid Game, among other great productions that conquered subscribers, leave great positive results. However, this does not mean that the platform agrees with what has been done, and that is why the cancellation of another series that attracted attention when it premiered has just been announced.

Although it is common for large companies to give up some of their products, the truth is that the red N has decided to abruptly end many of its contents, even some that they launched this year. Monarch, The Irregulars, The Legacy of Jupiter, Atypical, Hit & Run and Dash & Lily are some of the programs that were confirmed to have no more seasons, such as the one that we will tell you next.

+ Netflix canceled the series that dethroned Lady’s Gambit

In the last hours it was confirmed that Netflix decided to cancel the series Tiny Pretty Things or, as it is known in Latin America, Delicate and cruel, which arrived on December 14, 2020. This was confirmed by the protagonist of the show, Brennan Clost, through his official Instagram account, where he uploaded a publication of the moment in which they dethroned Lady’s Gambit as the most chosen worldwide, where he stayed for 10 days, with the following phrase: “Dream job from start to finish”.

What was it about Tiny Pretty Things? This says his synopsis: “It tells of the rise and fall of a group of young people who live far from home, on the verge of success or failure. As the only dance center in Chicago, the Archer Academy of Ballet serves as the school of the prestigious company municipal professional: City Works Ballet. The academy is an oasis for all kinds of aspirants: rich and poor, north and south, and of very diverse backgrounds. But they all have something in common: they share exceptional talent and passion for dance, loyalty to the community and, when it comes to their dreams, they have no plan B. “.

The series was based on the book by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton, and had generally received good reviews from the public, but there will be no second season. The rest of the cast was completed with Barton Cowperthwaite, Bayardo De Murguia, Damon J. Gillespie, Kylie Jefferson, Casimere Jollette, Anna Maiche, Daniela Norman, Michael Hsu Rosen, Tory Trowbridge, Jess Salgueiro and Lauren Holly.

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