Özge Özpirinçci: Why the “Love at Second Sight” actress keeps her daughter’s umbilical cord blood

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What happened with Ozge Ozpirincci? The actress “Woman” (“Kadin”) and “Love at Second Sight” (“Ask Yeniden” has decided to conserve the umbilical cord blood of her daughter Mercan, the first she has had with fellow actor Burak Yamantürk. Turkish soap operas surprised by the aforementioned action, which he shared with his followers through his social networks.This has generated many questions from fans of his work on television.

Özpirinçci y Yamantürk They had a relationship of more than seven years and, although at the beginning it was not in their plans to marriage, they decided to join religiously after learning that they were going to become parents for the first time.

Therefore, the couple had their wedding on September 22 with a select group of family and friends, with all the protocols for the COVID-19 pandemic. Then her baby was born on December 1, without a hitch.

For this new stage in her life, the interpreter announced her temporary retirement from the television projects. In several interviews, she stated that she will stay away from the screens for about two years. But another announcement was the one that surprised his fans and is related to umbilical cord blood from your is.

Turkish actress Ozge OzpirincciThrough a story on Instagram, she told her followers that, together with her husband Burak Yamanturk, decided to store umbilical cord blood of your baby Coral to benefit her later.

“We have decided to preserve Mercan’s umbilical cord blood for its future”, wrote the protagonist of “Woman” Y “Love at second sight”In his official account of the aforementioned social network. The girl was born with 50 centimeters and 3.15 kilos.

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Many followers have wondered what is umbilical cord blood for. According to various studies, it can be used in different treatments of different diseases, such as Cancer, anemia and genetic disorders, because it contains stem cells.

Özge Özpirinçci gave her daughter by cesarean section and she is in perfect health. The representative of the actress indicated that the birth of the baby was a success and both are well: “The health of the mother and the baby is very good”, reads the document. The little girl has measured 50 centimeters and has weighed 3,149 kilos.

The popular Turkish actress, star of “Woman” Y “Love at second sight”(“ Aşk Yeniden ”), at the time, confessed to Hürryet magazine that they had to talk a lot with her husband, Burak Yamanturk, to agree on the name of his firstborn.

Now, a few weeks after becoming a mother, the remembered Bahar continues to surprise her thousands of fans and followers because she has expressed a very curious fact regarding her daughter’s date of birth and the signs of the zodiac.

What is it about? The actress Ozge Ozpirincci She was invited to the YouTube channel of Aslıhan Doğan Turan where she indicated that together with her friend Berrak Tuzunatac they prayed that their daughter is not of the sign of scorpio.

We join hands and pray with Berrak Tüzünataç that there is no sign of ‘Scorpio’. I love the Scorpio woman; however, a sign that can do itself great harm. There are many dark places. I want spring“Said the actress.

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